Monday, April 30, 2007

End of Month Totals

APRIL Totals:

indoor cycling - 0.5 hrs
outdoor cycling - 121.0 mi

swimming - 10,800 M

indoor running - 0.0 mi
outdoor running - 42.5 mi

core/strength - 500 reps

Running and swimming volume similar to March, but I really took cycling up a notch. My outdoor cycling is almost double the volume from last month and a sizable amount happened in the last week when I discovered how to make it FUN. WoooHooo!!
I'm still way under what I want to be for core/strength work. I don't forsee much improvement there unless I get a breakthrough on how to make THAT fun too.


  1. Nice biking and swimming. What keeps me going in the gym is the scenary. Lots of pretty...I mean fit women...I mean people working out.

    Don't tell my wife. [ssshhhh]

  2. great job, lisa! if you figure out how to make core work fun, will you PLEASE share??

  3. Great job- you're building a strong base.

  4. Great stats, keep up the good work. Consistency is the key. I think anyways..

    I think the way to make anything fun, is just variation... Including core work..

  5. you are blazing through your work! Wow! how impressive!

  6. Lisa,

    Not sure how u can make the strength workout fun. If u do let me know. My only motivation to working out is to prevent injury :)

  7. Wow great job with all! Especially the biking and swimming...awesome job!

  8. Great numbers! Core work is really never fun....but more "fun" with a group in a class. Is that how you are doing this now? I enjoy a class every now and then to keep me learning new things....

  9. How did you make biking fun? And is there any way we can apply the method or adapt it to make running fun too?

  10. Wahoo! Sounds like a great month!

  11. Is there any real way to make strength work fun? If you figure it out, please let me know.

    Good job amping up your cycling... double the outdoor milage- you rock!