Monday, January 1, 2007

Tenacity pays off

Tenacity (n): persistent determination
Synonyms: doggedness, perseverance, persistence, persistency, tenaciousness, pertinacity

That was insane! It was cold. The course was uneven. My ankles hurt. My back hurt. My hips hurt.

I told Husband to come back at about 50min after the race started and try to get some photos of me finishing. He waited and waited. He walked out to look for me. He walked back thinking maybe he missed me. And waited some more.

I was slow. In fact, I was slower than slow. I hiked part of it and only went a tiny bit slower than when I tried to run. But I got it done.

Are you ready for the best part? I placed first in my age group and came home with a medal.

Don't even think about bursting my bubble by asking just how many females 40-49 got up on a cold snowy New Years Day morning to do such a foolish thing. I was out there, I finished the course, and nobody in my age group finished before me. We'll just leave it at that.

Now I'm ready for a nap.


  1. Awesome! Happy New Year!
    Beautiful pics of the snow, too...

  2. And that snowman, wow!

  3. Congratulations, way to go, that was truely hard core. I think the medal was for that also.

    Great pic, dang that was alot of snow out there.

  4. I know how the tracks around here look like, he, he. It would not have matter if you had crawled, it would still be awesome. Big, big congratulations! It's a great way to start the year.

  5. Congrats on finishing. Just think...while you were out there working your butt off most people were still in bed...Good Job!!!

  6. How fun! Congrats!

  7. Woohoo! What a great way to bring in the new year! Congrats!

  8. Dang - I don't run when it goes below 50, running in the cold like that - wow - you deserve the biggest medal they can find.

    I'm really impressed that they put all that snow out there to make it challenging - that must have cost them a fortune ;-)

  9. Brrrrrr. That looks cold. Colder even then my run last night at 8:45 PM :-) You are da bomb! for coming in first in your AG. Congratulations on a nice race.