Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Running Accels

I'm doing well with my training plan this weeks as far as sticking to my workouts, but encountered some trouble with my afternoon run. I was supposed to do some speedwork - running 16x100 accels (starting slower and ending fast). I compared the output on my garmin to my last run of similar distance where I basically tried to hold a steady pace....there is no discernable difference!!! I think the problem for me might be that 100 is just too short a distance to do a decent job of increasing speed....maybe next time I should try 200s?

Or should I just not be concerned what my Garmin says?

The photo has nothing to do with running accels, but I believe the person for whom it is intended will understand :)


  1. I just realized you acually have that sign. OMG.. Now I really have to send those White Castle slidders yor way.

    But we do have better food at the south side park.

    That is what really counts.

    I could never figure out those accels and strides?

    Check out

    SmartCoach is pretty cool.

  2. Accels I believe are supposed to help you build your aerobic capacity. I wouldn't fret over the time. As you do more and you start doing 200s and 400s I think you'll begin to see the results.

  3. I am not an expert on accels, but my heart rate does not usually get much higher when I do them. I just make sure my turnover is there and I am working. Good luck with those!