Saturday, September 30, 2006

Went for a short run today, somewhere around 3.5 miles. I went out fast for the first mile and was feeling pretty good. Out of nowhere along comes a dog. At first it runs after me like it wants a piece of my hide, then it runs with me like it is my friend, then it decides take off for the center of the road and weave in and out of traffic.

"Hey! Is that your dog!" shouts some annoyed motorist.

If it was my dog, it would be on a leash. It wouldn't be chasing after runners and darting out in front of cars. If it was my dog, I wouldn't be running down the road trying to ignore the dog or picking up the pace to lose the dog when it seems to be distracted by a bunny. If it were my dog, I'd stop running, call the dog by name, grab it by the collar, and take it home.

"No!" is all I manage to get out as I keep running. Some pedestrians coming the other direction started whistling at the dog and they have leashes; they can deal with the dog.

I kept running...

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