Friday, September 29, 2006


I admit it. I don't know much about bike tires and don't have enough experience changing tires to really be in a good situation for riding my bike too far from home. I carry tools and theoretically know how to change a tire, but if I get a flat I may end up calling hubby to come rescue me.

The Giant OCR3 that I ride came with Kenda Kontender tires. I like the idea of getting some new tires with less rolling resistance. This is the tire I'm thinking about at the moment: Vredestein Fortezza SE

I believe I'd gain two things by getting new tires. One, possibly a speed increase. Two, the 'opportunity' to practice the art of changing a tire in the comfort of my own living room (rather than on the side of the road).

Too bad nobody reads my blog - it would be great to see what others think about this idea (and any opinions about this particular tire or recommendations on another).

oh, and note to self: 15.02mph avg at mile 12 today. let's see where we are in a month.


I found this nifty pace calculator and this is what I learned today based on the results of my last 5K race.

My max O2 pace is 8:46
My tempo pace is: 9:42
My easy pace is: 11:34
My long run pace is: 11:34-12:59

This is good stuff. And here I just thought I was slow when I went long, but I guess my body knows what my long pace is even if my head doesn't!

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