Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings


So, wearing the pedometer has been interesting.  I've learned a few things.

  1. I walk more than I realized
  2. The number of steps I take varies greatly from day to day
  3. I become very lazy when Husband is out of town
In the 7 days that I've worn the pedometer, the number of steps logged varied from 5099 to 16,619 with most days just over 7000.  The high day was a day that I ran, so no surprise there.  The low day was the day Husband left to go out of town; I should have gone for a run, instead I just sat on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  The real surprise for me is that most days seem to be just over 7000 (7100-7400).  I would have guessed it to be lower, maybe closer to the low day.    My overall average ended up being 9170, that one day with a high number of steps really boosted the average.  The challenge is to get to 10,000 steps by the end of the 9 weeks.  I'm almost there already, which is good.  But for me, I'm trying to get to 12,000 steps which means that I need to add in some running on a more consistent basis.


Similar color & consistency of my smoothies
A few weeks ago, I was organizing our pantry in the garage and realized that Husband had built up a stockpile of a couple dozen containers of protein powder.  So I started making myself fruit/protein smoothies.  My favorite so far is a blend of frozen fruit from Walmart (peaches, mango, pineapple, & strawberry) plus some frozen banana slices plus a scoop and a half of vanilla protein powder, and some water.  It's yummy!  I've decided to buy Daughter a blender and give her some protein powder so she can make some of these as well.


My race/event calendar is currently empty.  Eek. That's not a good place for me to be.  I'm trying to talk a friend into running a 5K with me in a few weeks.  Husband & I are also looking at a metric century in a month.  I guess I better get busy and start riding my bike a little more, huh?


  1. Interesting stats! I think I should wear a pedometer as well. I want to know my steps now :) Luckily I have a long racing schedule worked out always.

  2. The pedometer was eye opening for me as well! I thought I was more active than I actually am. Now go get some races on your schedule!

  3. I definitely need to invest in a pedometer...I'm curious how many steps I take each day. Yum your smoothies sound delicious!

  4. Just started on smoothies at my house too. Might I recommend the NutriBullet? Way easier to use than a blender, and to clean as well.

  5. That's really neat about the pedometer. I can only imagine how many steps I take in an average day.

    I would hate to have an empty race calendar! I hope you find something to fill it soon.

  6. I have never really used a pedometer....I think I would be sad that I don't walk around a lot!

  7. Work is having a pedometer challenge right now too. It was interesting to see how many (...few) steps I was logging, and I stand all day! (stand up desk) You're doing a great job with many days at 9k+!