Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two for Tuesday

...both unrelated to running, we'll see how well this works...

365 Photo Project - I've mentioned a few times about joining a 365 photo group that started on March 1.  The idea is to post one and only one photo taken each day.  At first I tried to find interesting photos to share with others. That didn't work out too well. I've since learned that it's best to stick with what I know:  just take photos of subjects that are interesting to me, and try to learn how to better use my camera in the process.  I'm much happier with the results now that I'm staying true to myself.  Here are a few of my photos from the past few weeks: a pretty sunset, one of my cats napping, and a flower starting to bloom in our back courtyard.

Santa Fe Century - I also mentioned that Husband & I drove up to Santa Fe to check out the 50 miles routes for the Santa Fe Century.  To be clear, we drove the loop and I captured it on my Garmin; we did not ride our bikes.  As far as I can tell, the half-century loop is pretty close to 50 miles.  The marker in the center is the turn point for the out&back, which is also described as a 50 mile route.  On the graph, that one would be from the end, to the marker, then back.  From my measurements, that route looks more like 42 miles.  My conclusion was that the loop is definitely more scenic, the stretch in the center has some rolling hills that are a bit intimidating, and the climb at the end will be a struggle no matter which route we sign up for.  Its also worth noting that the *starting* elevation is ~6000 ft above sea level.  Aye carumba!

Then on Sunday we went for a 38.4 mile bike ride, almost the distance of the out & back, but no climb.  We don't need to sign up quite yet, but right now I'm learning toward the out & back simply because it's shorter and the event is only 4 weeks away.


  1. Those photos certainly work for me! Where do you post them for the group that you joined? Looks like an interesting profile for the cycling. I would rather run that.

  2. Love the pics...Ummmm...that is quite the climb. Yikes.

  3. Beautiful pics!
    That mountain fills me with fear and dread- maybe it's not as bad as it looks??

  4. Beautiful pic! I'm such a camera dunce, I'd love to master it someday. Holy climb Batman!

  5. you two are great! Cycling ma-chines, but great!
    Feel your pain about the running aand blogging. Hard not to be repetitive - oh, I'm injured/sick/coming back again. I want Wes' blog (oh I'm coming off a planned layoff/training well/racing superbly/setting pbs again)

  6. I love that photo challenge and want to do one sometime. Love the cat one.

  7. Hadn't heard of the photo challenge before - neat.... I think you are right - stick to what interests you at the time... makes sense and makes it remain enjoyable rather then feeling like a chore (if you get me)

  8. I'd love to learn all about how to use my husbands "fancy" camera (a Nikon or something) but I am too lazy really! Things aren't "coming" as quick as when I was younger so I get frustrated. (already at my ripe ol age of 27, haha). I'm trying to be patient and learn the right way. Your pics are gorgeous! Maybe you can give us all a camera lesson :)

  9. The elevation chart is scary!!!! Great pictures - especially the last one!

  10. OKAY, shut the door!

    A) stop all this negative talk about sucking at running! STOP right now....

    B) stop all this negative talk about not having anything to blog about if you're not running. STOP that right now...

    C) just stop, take a big breath and let us look at the BIG picture....

    You, my dear friend have a lot of running left in you....why do you feel that you have to run epic distances just to "be part of it". Girlfriend, whether you run a marathon, or run 3k you are still out there doing it which I might say is far better than half the population our age(s). Be proud of EVERYTHING you have accomplished and will still accomplish. You don't need the bling to confirm you are worthy. We (the royal we), tend to get caught up in everyone else's races, and what they are doing...holy hannah girl, we are pretty darned lucky to be able to do what we are doing...

    Like you, I considered ending life in the Bloggerfield....well, I'm still at it and certainly, as dollars to donuts if the "running" group don't follow you, I will still be reading everything you are up to!!! How the hell will I know what you're up to.

    AND life doesn't end because we aren't running, we can still swim, cycle and generally get out there with the pooches and walk with the camera (which by the way, I'm loving your photo's).


    with all that said....I still care about what you are up to and if my little smackdown pep talk hasn't help, well then...you're ready to curl up into a ball and disappear....Just Kidding....


  11. I have been struggling with my 365 project again. I am on the ball with taking the photos most days, but it just seems like a hassle to get them uploaded, edited, and put on the two different sites I've been using. I'm trying to think of a way to streamline the process so that it takes less time and energy in the uploading and gives me more energy to focus on the photos themselves.

  12. 3 beautiful pics. I like to take pictures but I am lazy, for this reason I buy only automatic cameras (or I use the I-Phone).
    The elevation chart is scary, I think that this is a path only for ... eagles.

  13. All three of the pics are great, but I have to admit I'm a softie for a cute critter so that's my favorite. :)