Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan Totals


  • Injections #2 & #3 to complete the series
  • 9 days with squats
  • 24 miles walking
  • 1 group run missed :-(
  • 1 batch "death by Oreo" cupcakes to drown my sorrows
  • 1 ten mile bike ride 
  • 1 midweek, full afternoon, spa retreat with husband
  • 1 son back off to college
  • 1 daughter in her final semester of high school


  • It wasn't a great month from a fitness perspective, but it was still a pretty good month
  • Finally got out on that bike on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Didn't go far or fast, but it was a start and it was glorious! 


  • Vacation get-away with husband in Grand Cayman
  • More cycling
  • Start running again if knee cooperates


  1. The cupcakes and spa retreat sure sound good!

  2. that DOES sound like an awesome month to me!!

    I've never heard of those cupcakes...so pass along the recipe please! (just for medicinal purposes only).

  3. That spa retreat sounds nice. I'm impressed that you got in 9 days with squats!

  4. January is such a blah month. At least you didn't let it overwhelm you or get you down! You're going to love the Caymans!

  5. Still a good month..hope your knee keeps coming along.
    Getaway sounds awesome!

  6. grand cayman = so jealous!!

    next time you need to make those death by chocolates things feel free to mail some my way. ;)

  7. And where might one find this death by oreos recipe?

    You sound like you are keeping busy. Hope the knee is doing ok.

  8. You're so cute. I miss you! ;)

  9. I'll be in Grand Cayman in March! Oooh death by Oreo: what a way to go.
    Final semester? It goes so fast!

  10. Grand Cayman ... spa .... this is life!!!!