Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Month & Progress to Goals

For those who read my November Tally post, you know that I said I was ready to stop pouting about my cranky knee and start getting active again.  We're one weekend into the new month, let's see how it's going so far.

I set a swimming goal of 8000yds this month.  That breaks down to ~2000 yds per week.  Or 10 swims of 800yds each (which seems doable) or 8 swims of 1000 yds each (which seems less doable based on my current swim habits).

So far I'm at 1600 against my goal, or 20%.  Not bad!  As long as I stay committed, I know I can achieve my swim goal.  The hard part is finding those times that work with my schedule when the pool isn't being used for an aquatics class.

NOTE:  I should mention that I find swimming laps to be incredibly boring, which is why I have a hard time staying in the water past 800 yds.  I'm pondering some sort of waterproof mp3 system  that allows me to listen to music while I swim.  If any of you have experiences, good or bad with this, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.  

I also set a walking goal of 30miles.  That breaks down to 15 walks up and down the hill (2mi route) with my dogs.  Or maybe 9 walks with the dogs and 3 longer walks of 4 miles.  It's aggressive, but also doable.

So far I'm at 6 miles against my goal, also 20%.   Nice!  This one requires more time investment, but it's easy to do from home.  And as an aside, I only count intentional fitness walking, not the walking that I do from the parking lot to my office, up and down the stairs at work, etc.

One last item worth commenting on.  I originally added yoga to my list of goals for December, but later crossed it off my list.  The truth is, I'm really not committed to doing yoga right now.   Plus I find that many of the postures bother my knee right now.  I'll revisit this in Jan or Feb.

How's the new month coming along for the rest of you?


  1. You are doing great with your goals so far! I love setting monthly goals! This post reminds me I need to do a recap/new goal list!!

  2. I've used some of the H2Audio stuff. I find the sound quality poor so often don't use it.

    A good way to get swim workouts is to mix it up a bit. Use 100m warmup, drills for a bit ( 3 drills at 100m each=300m), a main interval set (one is so 25,50,75,100,75,50,25 as an example), the 100m cool down.

    Play with the main set a bit (there are many online as examples) to not get bored.

  3. i felt like i have been rocking it but just yesterday i got a sprain....trying to see how bad it is and hope to stay on goals....

  4. You are doing great with your goals just a few days into the month! I might have to lay off yoga for a couple of days because my lower back is feeling a little twangy and certain postures seem to aggravate that. But I'm on track so far to hit my goal of running 50 miles and have kept my food journal every day this month so far.

  5. You are doing great with your goals.
    Enjoy swimming, I miss it but I am working hard for the marathon.

  6. Nice! I always put yoga on my goal list...and never do it.

  7. That sounds like a lot of swimming to me. I do 1250 right now when I go and that is a good amount. I will increase it later but since I am enjoying it i hate to up it too fast! Sounds good right!

    Good luck with your goals.

  8. the solution to a "boring" swim. Up your longest swim distance to 4000 yards. Then 800 yards will seem like a breeze :-)

  9. I ought to set a walking mileage goal... But eh ;) I "need" to relish some extra rest? I'm not sure which excuse I should be using, if any, after months of inactivity.

    Swimming laps is tough - I always lose count. I have to change it up and do different "strokes" or else I will quit after 400:) and by strokes I mean use the pull buoy or kickboard haha. I don't do fancy/real stroke changes!

    As for yoga - I know I ought to do it but I get bored there too! And since I just do a DVD I end up looking around at the messy house and feel like I should tidy instead. Maybe I should explore some local yoga studios ...

  10. The first 5 days of my month have been blowing. I sucked at drinking water, I have really sucked at not binging....Ugh, I need to start over.

  11. Looks like a great start into December for you! Good job!

    December started bad for me, I only ran 5.5 miles last week. As a punishment I registered for a local half marathon which has a nasty hill at the end. This will be on Sunday, that should be interesting! :)

  12. That's a nice set of goals for the month. I suppose I should do some goal setting since I've been doing whatever these days. Thanks for putting the goal setting post up. You've got me thinking again!