Monday, November 28, 2011


Where to begin?  Let's see....

I had friends lined up to run with me me on Thanksgiving morning.  Which is good.

However, Son's flight was very late.  Daughter picked him up from the airport so I could sleep.  Which is good.

But they didn't get home until about 2am, and I couldn't really didn't sleep soundly until after they got home.  Which is bad.

So I overslept in the morning and missed out on running with friends.  Which was also bad.

Rather than skipping running, I ended up running solo.  Which was good.

But then my knee started acting up about 1.4 miles into the run.  Which was bad.

Since then, my knee has been bothering me even when I walk.  Which is bad.

I haven't even tried running since then.  Which is also bad.

I think it means that I'm going to need to go in for my injections again. But I haven't called for an appointment yet.  Which is not so good.

At least I have a potential treatment plan that seems to work and this last time kept my knee working well for about 8 months.  Which is good.

But it probably means I'll need to take off a few months from running.  Which is bad.

I'm thankful that my knee didn't cause problems during the peak part of my race season.  Which is good.

And I suppose I could get back in the pool this winter and swim.  Swimming doesn't bother my knee.  Which is good.

But I really dont' like swimming all that well.  Which is bad.

Anyway, I haven't called for an appointment yet.  Stay tuned...

[update:  I called today and got lucky as someone had just called to cancel for Monday afternoon and I was able to snatch up that slot!  score!]


  1. Bummer that the knee is acting up again! But 8 months was a good run, no pun intended...

  2. le'd be great if we wanted to do all th4e things we should do, wouldn't it? Good luck!

  3. I guess there are lots of good and bad things happening, which is... life! Keep your chin up, girl! And make that appointment!

  4. The sooner you make that appointment the sooner you get better. Which is good.

  5. Make that appointment so you can get better!

  6. Make that appointment so you can get better!

  7. Sorry to hear that your knee has flared up - get yourself an appointment!

  8. Sorry to hear about the knee, I hope it gets better soon

  9. So did we leave off with good or bad?

  10. That seems like a lot of good and bad? Ouch. Swimming will help your knee by strengthening your core. Work your core strength in other ways too and it will help the knee big time.

  11. Sorry to hear that the knee is acting up again!

  12. Oh no! I hope it won't take that long this time and you will be back running in no time! Swimming in winter sucks - I totally agree! Maybe biking works?

  13. Knees = bad.
    Injections = ouch. So, so ouch.
    Swimming = misery.
    You getting better soon = Extremely good. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  14. What kind of injections? COrtisone?

  15. Oh,maaaan! The knees again! I was hoping that you wouldn't have to go through that so soon. You're pro-active with treatment, so I hope you get some relief quickly!

  16. Sorry for the knee, I hope you get well soon and you don't need a long break. However swimming is a good alternative solution. Take care.

  17. you forgot "which is good" on that last one (the update) :-) although score! is a good substitute!

  18. that is quite an up and down emotional roller coaster

    glad the son is home though and i hope it was an amazing time together