Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Eau de Chlorine: Ever see that t-shirt that says "Chlorine is my perfume;" I need it to explain the strong Chlorine scent emanating from my body for 24 hrs post swim. Is it just me, or is it darn near impossible to rid yourself of the chlorine scent with just one washing?

Freaking Wind: Last night the wind was fierce. 40mph sustained winds with 60mph gusts. I was half expecting the house to picked up only to find myself transported to Oz. We lost power (no surprise) and it actually didn't look too bad outside this morning in the aftermath. However, there was a layer of sand all over everything in the kitchen that must have blown in since the window was cracked. Yuck.

Father's Day: We had a pretty nice father's day, if I do say so myself. Went to lunch, kids (I use the term loosely, they are 17 and 19) went with him grocery shopping to help out, and we spent the evening at the ballpark. Go 'Topes!

Cross-Training: Spent several hours this weekend doing yard work. That counts as cross-training, right? Well, at least it should. I was sore and tired afterwards. Have another round to do next weekend, then hopefully can just enjoy the backyard for the rest of the summer.

Confidence: Hopefully I won't eat these words, but I'm gaining confidence about the sprint tri in August as my endurance is slowly coming back. I don't think it's going to be a fast race, but I think I'll be in good enough shape to actually enjoy it. I'm even thinking of signing up for another one, slightly longer course, that's a few weeks later.


  1. I have been told I smell like chlorine at work numerous times, I have stopped trying to get rid of the smell, the products that are designed for it, arnt 100% effective, kinda just deal with it now.

  2. Ugh, it's not just you, I get the lovely chlorine smell too! It's why I hate swimming before work!

  3. We did a lot of work in the yard this weekend too and it totally counts as cross-training!

    Glad you're feeling better about your upcoming tri - keep it up!

  4. nice weekend! make up your mind now to enjoy the sprint no matter :-)

  5. I love the smell of chlorine, I must shamefully confess! Happy father's day and happy gardening :)

  6. Ugh, I hate the chlorine smell. It does seem to linger.

    You should have confidence, you're gonna do great!

  7. Keep building that confidence. You will be great and have fun!