Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tale of Two Runs

My run schedule has me doing four running days per week with one optional. And there are cross training days that have consisted of lots of excuses. But I digress.

Yesterday after work I went out for my local 2 mile hill course. It's short, but the hill makes it a good workout and its something I like to do when I'm short on time. Running that hill seems to make me stronger. Anyway, it was 80 degrees outside and while I realize that it will take time to regain fitness from my off time, I did not expect that hill run to kick my rear the way that it did!

Today I have an easy 3 on the schedule and I was planning to join the group after work again. But after yesterday's run I was thinking that I really should try to run in the morning instead. This morning, at a cool 50deg, I went out for my run. Oh what a difference! I'm not sure I was moving much faster, but it didn't seem to be nearly the struggle as the run last night. It was quite enjoyable actually.

Another 3 on the plan for tomorrow and at this point I plan to do the same thing...run early.


  1. I find it amazing how a course you've run many times before can randomly kick your butt without warning.

  2. I felt that way yesterday lifting weights. I even asked D if I had too much on the bar.

    Glad the 3 miler was easier!

  3. The cooler it is, the easier it is to breath. I like that :-)

  4. Hills? What are those? Here in FL, they're called landfills ;)

  5. I like cooler weather. It's like when it is cold and I am not running outside, it feels like I am cheating. ARGH!

    Hope your next run will be awesome!!