Sunday, March 25, 2007

Stupid Human Tricks & Swimsuit Shopping


Saturday morning weather didn’t cooperate for my planned 2-2.5 hr bike ride. Plan B – running in pursuit of 7miles or 85minutes whichever comes first

Mile 2, first look at my Garmin. Pace is good. I rock!! Maybe I'll even get in eight today.

Mile 3, I begin to feel... nauseous. I hope the feeling passes quickly. Hmmm...I didn’t drink as much water in the morning as I usually do. I also haven’t brought any with me. I reach into my pocket and grab a gel.

Mile 5, I thirsty and a little dizzy; this cannot be good. I remind myself that it me against the course. I win as long as I get from the starting point to the ending point on my own no matter how long it takes.

Mile 6, I reach in my pocket again, this time grabbing my cell phone. I contemplate calling husband to come retrieve me. I don’t want the course to beat me, but I also don’t want to end up in a really bad situation. I'm feeling lousy, but I'm still moving. I decide to take it one step at a time...

Mile 6.88(?), Home at last. Straight to kitchen, guzzle down 2 huge glasses of ice water.

Husband - “You were out for a long time; I was getting worried about you”

Me - “Yeah, me too…”



When my daughter got home from school on Friday, we headed out for some swimsuit shopping. She needs a new one for our trip to Cancuun because she has outgrown her old ones. I need something appropriate for a resort (sport top and DeSoto shorts that I wear to the gym won't cut it).

Like most women, I have body image issues. Choosing a swimsuit is a horrid experience; wearing one in public is worse. My 13 yr old daughter, on the other hand, has a cute figure and thinks this is great fun.

First mission, swimsuit for me. We settle on an appropriate tankini for a forty-something mom - modest, yet contemporary. Daughter gives it two thumbs up. Whew. I'm done.

Her turn. She models about ten suits in all. Some I veto because they are WAYYY too skimpy. My favorite is grey with pink and white polka dots and agree to buy that one. She likes a multi-colored stripe one too. I agree that she can have that one also if she will pay for it. Mission accomplished.

We're heading to the cashier when a smokin' hot red and black print bikini on the sale rack catches my eye. I decide to try it on thinking maybe it can replace the bikini I wear in our hot tub (in the privacy of our own backyard at night when nobody can see me). I cautiously step out of the dressing room and show my daughter.

"Oh, Mom, that looks nice! Get it!"

So there you have it, one of the intangible benefits of triathlon training. Smokin' hot bikini doesn't look half bad. Who knew?!?!


  1. Have you thought of taking water and dropping at a point on your route where you can get it later? I hate to carry but sometimes in the summer in Phoenix I'll find and place "water drop areas".

    4 swimsuits in one trip! Congrats on the benefits of your workouts.

  2. I hate when I do that. I will head out on a run only to realize I did/did not eat/drink something and end up feeling like crap!!!

    Yeah, on the bikini!!! What a nice surprise for hubby too ;) Have a great trip.

  3. I've had a couple training runs like that when I get 3-4 miles away from the house and realize I forgot to eat, drink, and everything else that I should have done beforehand. Glad you made it home safely.

  4. Way to grind out that run. Thirst can be such a de-motivator. I didn't know that about the bikini thing. Maybe I should go shoppin ;-)

  5. The suit sounds cute! My first swimsuit shopping trip with the girls this season wasn't as productive...but I'm giving myself 6 more weeks until my Hawaii trip.

  6. Great job getting through the run. They say this stuff is 80% mental, so next time it will be easier..

    I really do hate when I hate my hydration. Total "Bonkville".

    On the swimsuit thing.. Image a guy looking around to buy a speedo. Not me thou..

  7. lisa, are you feeling better today? water and maybe a little salt to keep it in you next time.

    part 2 could have turned out worse than part 1, but it sounds like your daughter has a pretty good head on her shoulders and listens to her mom's input.

  8. You got the run done, so that was good. I know what you mean though--live and learn. As for the suits? Great! I think I am way past that stage in life.

  9. You know, I hate having body image issues. Until I find something (like every 3 years or so) that looks really hot on me. Even body image issues have their silver lining - it feels REALLY GOOD to find the flattering stuff! Enjoy your vacation. :)

  10. Sounds like a scary situation with the running incident. Good thing you made it home alright.

    Nice job on the successful swimsuit shopping!

  11. Nothing like a woman finding that one piece of clothing she can't live without. All of a sudden, the day looks better, and life in general has a new chance as well.

    I never go out of the house without water. Not to mention when I go running.