Friday, August 21, 2009

FLAT-tastic Friday

Got up stupid early again this morning so that I could cycle to the gym for my appt with the Trainer. After that, I planned to cycle home, quick shower, and off to the chiropractor for an adjustment. This afternoon I have plans to meet the kids at Staples after school for school supply shopping (my role is supplying payment, they will do the shopping before I get there).

I wanted to ride in on my LeMond Versailles (carbon road bike) because it is lighter and fits me better. Since I didn't need to carry a change of clothes, computer, etc I didn't need to ride up on my commuter bike. I was however, planning to carry a small backpack with my cell phone, gym shoes, hat to cover helmet head, and lock.

Got everything ready, went out to check the tires. Needed to add air in the front. No problem. Also needed to add air to the back. Problem! As I'm pumping it up, I hear that ol' familiar sound of a puncture "SSsssssssssssss" Well crud. I didn't have time to change the tube, and especially don't have time to deal with the rear tire, so I aborted plan A and decided to ride on my commuter instead.

Transfered my stuff into the pannier bag (that's where I keep the tools and stuff on the commuter, so I couldn't just carry the backpack). Put the LeMond away. Got the commuter. Checked the tires. Everything seemed good to go.

I was maybe halfway there, and not quite to the base of the monster hill that I need to climb when I noticed my speed dropping dramatically. What the heck?! Stopped and checked the tires again. Seemed okay. Pressed on.

Just as I reached the base of the hill, my bike started shaking like crazy. Okay, something is not right. Checked the tires again. Front is totally flat. Tried adding air. Again with the "SSssssssssss" sound. Crud. Need to change the tube. Well, that's just wonderful.

Flipped the bike over. Took off the wheel. Took off the tire. Removed the offending tube. Put in a new tube. Put tire back on. Added air. No "Ssssssss" sound this time, but the small PocketRocket Pump that I was carrying would not make a good connection with the valve stem. I had a hard time getting the pressure up to anything reasonable to ride on. What a piece of crap pump.

Called Husband to see if he could bail me out. No luck. He had cycle commuted as well and was already showered, changed, and in his office. He wasn't going to be much help.

Tried some more and finally got it to the point where it wasn't totally flat, but it was still squishy. It seemed like that was as good as it was going to get. I decided to put the wheel back on and head home cautiously.

Got home and found the pressure to be somewhere in the range of 40-60 PSI. That is way to freaking low for a road bike. Pumped the tire to a more reasonable 110 PSI using the floor pump in my garage. Checked for leaks. Everything seems okay. Except of course, that my LeMond still has a flat rear that needs to be resolved.

Texted Husband to let him know that I made it home safely and oh by the way I HATE BIKES AND ALL THINGS HAVING TO DO WITH BIKES. Emailed trainer to apologize for being a no-show. Then took a shower and got dressed.

Determined to turn this morning around, I hopped in the car with the idea that I would stop at the bike store on the way home from the chiropractor and pick up a better frame pump for my commuter bike along with a few slime tubes.

However, as I'm pulling out of the garage, a warning light turned on in the car. "WARNING! Tire Pressure Too Low!"

Get out of the car and check the tires. Sure enough, the front driver side tire is flat. You've got to be freaking kidding me!!! Aarrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!

Turn on the compressor that we keep in the garage. Add air to flat tire. Check tire pressure on other tires. Decide all is well. Get back in car. New plan, head to GoodYear to have them fix my car tire. Then to bike store. Sigh. Oh yeah, and call the chiropractor and apologize for being a no-show.

It is now 12:45 local time. I'm happy to say that I'm finally back home with a repaired car tire, new pump, and some tubes. Still have some work ahead of me with the bikes. Leaving that for some other time.

Confidence for the bike portion of Patriot? Not so good at the moment....


  1. you've had one helluva day with rubber and air. here's hoping the rest of your weekend is a good one..and FULL one, too!

  2. I would say that you are in for some good luck this weekend! Have a great one!!

  3. OMG... what a day you've had! I think you've had all the bad luck all ready, comes in threes, so you're covered, and it's all going to be golden from here on :)

  4. I agree. You've totally used up your quota of craptasticness. Now you can count on things going your way!

  5. Holy Flatness Batman!!! I hope your day get better luv!!! :(

  6. Holy crap. Tell me that really didn't happen. It's like a comedy of errors. I'm sorry, but I laughed when I got the the car tire, and my 3 y/o asked me what was so funny. I told him both your bicycles and your car had flat tires. "Whoa!", was his response.

    I think you've used up all your bad luck. Not to mention you've filled your flat tire quota for the millennium.

  7. ack! what a day! I REALLY want to get into triathlons and cycling,but I'll tell you what, those bikes are scary! Seems like something is always breaking! All I have to worry about with my running is not tripping over my shoelaces, haha!

  8. Geez, what a day! Hope the rest of the day and the weekend are much better!

    MCM mama

  9. hope it gets better,have a great weekend!

  10. what a sucky day!!! Boo to flat tyres!!!

  11. Bummer! It can only get better. ;)

  12. It was not a tire day for you at all!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Man, that stinks! Hope the weekend goes more smoothly!

  14. Oh no! I hope you got it all out of the way at once!

  15. OMG! What a day! Do you have shards of glass out in front of your house?? Wow. At least you seemed to maintain your sense of humor. I hope your tire juju gets better.

  16. WOW. How many flats can you go through in one day?

    Hope you're good with tire mojo for the next few months now!

  17. Well, all those flats definitely suck. Whenever I have a bike ride to do, I actually always check my tires the night before to see if they're already going flat and either way, look over the tread carefully to make sure there are no things stuck in it (pieces of glass, wire, nails, etc) that might cause it to go flat if I rode on it.

    Hope you won't have any more flat problems for a while!