Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Money-Pit Drama

Remember the automobile reliability drama that eventually led me to the decision to buy a new car? Well, because I bought the new car out of state when I flew to KY to visit my dad, I ended up not able to trade in the money-pit that is my old vehicle.

And with Daughter days away from getting her provisional license, somehow I was talked into keeping said money-pit and just "fixing it up a bit" so that it is reliable enough for her to drive around town.

Remember that first day of cycling less than two weeks ago when I included dropping off a car at the shop and riding my bike home? It was the money-pit that needed to go in.

And guess what? The money-pit needed to go back to the shop again on Monday. Sigh.

Somehow, despite buying a new car (which continues to amaze me with it's awesomeness, I might add) I haven't been able to rid myself of the money-pit drama. Somehow that just doesn't seem fair.

Same routine. Tossed the bike in the back, dropped off money-pit, rode the bike to fitness center at work. Did upper body workout. Rode bike from fitness center to work in street clothes after cleaning up. Rode back to pick up money-pit in the afternoon, drove home.

On the bright side, it has been providing extra incentive/opportunity to get on my bike.

At this point, we've replaced practically everything on the money-pit. What else could go wrong?

Don't answer that.

Seriously. Just don't

Recent Workouts:
Sun: Yoga
Mon: 7 mi bike, core+upper body strength
Tue: lower body strength, track/drills run (~4 mi)


  1. I am starting to feel like my car is like your "money-pit". How frustrating. No one likes to put more money into a car than it's worth, right!?

  2. Ugh! And you get to a point where you've spent so much, you can't afford to get rid of it now. I hope you're at the end of your issues now.

  3. That sucks! With all the $$ you're putting into it, hope your daughter is safe in it and enjoys it! :D Great job getting in those extra bike miles though!

  4. I am sorry about all this crap your going through!

    Today is National Running Day!!

    I know, off topic!!!

    I am here for you girlie!

  5. I sure hope that's the end of the repairs, even if it IS helping you squeeze in some extra bike miles. Cars can be such a pain, but I'm glad you're liking your new one!

  6. Oh lordy that drama sounds not fun! But you are totally getting in lots of bike miles because of it!

  7. Ugh. I hope that pit gets its act together and shapes up for your daughter!

  8. Can you convince your daughter to bike everywhere instead of needing a car? It's more green... Right?

  9. Ugh! Can you sell it? It may be too late now with all the money you have put into it?

  10. Thankfully, I've never had a money-pit car. I imagine I'd get real tired of it really fast.

    MCM Mama

  11. Oh for crap sake.
    that sucks.
    sell the money pit car and use the money to buy your daughter a bike.

  12. Just think positive. The parts on the 'money-pit' are newer than on the new car.

  13. How frustrating!! I hope this is the last time for a loooong time you have to take that thing into the shop!

  14. My husband bought a car out of state as well, and we STILL have his old car sitting in the driveway almost a year later. I know the neighbors judge us. Hell, I judge us!

  15. Ugh! Sorry to hear about the $$$ you've kerplunked into your money pit.

    Car troubles are aggravating!

  16. Cars and houses are money pits!

  17. Is your daughter sure she wants a money pit? How does she feel about cycling that much? :)