Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Track Workout and Monthly Totals


Tuesday is track day. I never look forward to track day, but I always show up. Today we were scheduled for 1 mi warm up followed by 3x [1000M @ 10K pace with 600M walk/jog]

I did my first 1000 in something faster than 10K pace, not necessarily intentionally, and then my pace and energy level really faded off somewhere between 600 & 800. That's not at all what was prescribed. Drat.

Coach walked over and told me he wanted me to run 600 for the next one instead of the 1000. He instructed me to push it beyond my comfort zone, but hold a steady pace throughout. And, he added "you're going to surprise yourself"

At first I felt like I was getting a remedial workout - I had failed at the 1000s so now I was getting shorter intervals. But then I reminded myself that he's there to help each of us do the best we can. He probably had something specific in mind.

So 600s is what I did.

And boy was he was right, I did surprise myself. I found myself holding onto the pace that the rest of the group was doing for their 1000s rather than my usual going out to hard and then falling off to the back. Amazingly, I felt strong throughout. I was pushing it, but not to the point of failure.

Looking at the numbers, my 600s came in at 3:02 and 3:07. I think that's something along the lines of 8:10-8:20min/mi. Shazam!

Coach was very pleased with how this worked out. For the next month or so, he wants me to focus on shorter intervals at the track with a faster pace vs longer intervals with a slower pace, continue with the hills, and long slow runs on the weekends.


- ran 36.8 miles
- cycled 70.3 miles
- swam 4450 yds
- did strength at the gym 12 times (clearly, I'm still lovin' the gym)
- events: one half century ride, one splash & dash

- I had fun with both events and had a more 'balanced' training month.
- My training volume isn't all that high, but I'm focussed on short stuff at the moment and trying to stay injury free, so I think I'm right where I need to be.

plans for July
- keep on keepin' on. :-)


  1. Interesting idea with the shorter interval, bet that was such a confidence booster! Well done!!! Nice month for ya, the balance is so great :)

  2. If you keep on keepin on like that, you'll be one fit lady. Good work!

  3. Showing up is half the battle. Great job. Speedy, speedy, speedy!

  4. Way to go on the track, chica! you rocked it!

    And your June stats look wonderful!

  5. Great job at the track- those coaches can be a big help I'm sure.

    Quite a good month there in June, hope your July goes well.

  6. Staying injury free, yes, you are so right! Keep inspiring me Lisa, the two of us will "keep on, Keeping on".

  7. "I never look forward to track day, but I always show up."

    And that's why you'll always kick @$$, Lisa!!

    Sounds like you got a smart coach there.

  8. Keep on keepin' on is always a good thing!

    Looks like you had a good June!

  9. Glad the 600s worked out so well. It's ncie to surprise ourselves every once in awhile!

  10. Shazam indeed! You go girl. ;)

  11. Nice job on your pacing. I think that's a great discovery for your track workout strategy.

  12. YESSS!! There is a method to the madness :-)

  13. Shazam!! With that pace you may need to change the name of your Blog.. GOOD WORK!! Nice to have a coach to help you change things to fit YOU...

  14. awesome job!!! and great work on the month too!

  15. I never look forward to any run practice, but like you, I show up, including yesterday evening in the pouring rain (yes, we ran, the few of us that showed).

    I love the shorter interval idea. I also fizzle out if it's too long. I'm like a sprinter trying to learn cross country running.

    thanks too for coming over to visit me! I'm always so grateful to have guests at my blog.

  16. It's a good thing that volume is not as high when the intensity is because your body needs more recovery. Well done with the pace. That's great, Lisa. :-)

  17. Sounds like the track workouts with the coach will be a big help. Build your speed at the shorter distance, add more intervals, then lengthen the intervals is probably a great strategy.

  18. Oh, those coaches! Apparently, they do know what they are talkin' about! :) He did know what you needed. He's a good coach.

  19. Nice pace on those 600s! WTG Lisa and coach!

    MCM Mama

  20. Right whre you want to be - a great place - enjoy!
    BTW I do my race nails before every event! Bright red to match my long-life race lippy!

  21. I'm glad the shorter intervals worked out better for you! Your totals look great for what your goals are! Kepp on keepin' in July!