Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Addressing my Quad Issue

I tried everything I could think of:

* massage
* "sore no more"
* ibuprofen
* foam roller
* a tennis ball
* rest (vs running/cycling)
* hot tub
* nuun

That last item (nuun) came as a suggestion from a cyclist friend at work who felt that the knot was brought on by muscle cramping caused by dehydration/electrolyte imbalance. After reviewing my training/nutrition/hydration for the past few days, I decided he might be right. I believe that I do a decent job of hydration/nutrition when I'm cycling/running. But on gym/swim days - not so much. I distinctly remember commenting after my gym session with Trainer on Friday that I was sweating, yet I did nothing to replace fluids or electrolytes for some reason. Woke up the next morning with the quad issue. There could be a connection.

I've also ordered "the stick" because several of you use that and it seemed worth giving a try.

Anyway, at this point, the quad is feeling mighty fine. Not sure which of the thing(s) that I did are responsible, but for now I'm back to normal - whatever that it!


  1. Whatever you did, glad it worked! The Stick is great, and the dehydration/electrolyte thing could also make sense. reminds me to get some more water, need to hydrate for a group ride tonight!

  2. I'm going to devote a post to NUUN, it is the best!

    I love that and my foamy too. IT problems seem to vanish when I'm diligent with foamy. Glad you found what works.

  3. I use the Tiger Tail, and my muscles feel goooood after being rolled out!! Keep workin it!!

  4. Glad to read that whatever you did seems to have worked! Good point about the hydration/electrolyte balance.

  5. I'm glad it's back to normal-- and clever friend who suggested the hydration/electrolytes. I never remember to rehydrate after swimming because I don't really notice that I'm sweating.

  6. Potassium shortage can sometimes be a source of muscle knotting. You could try loading up on bananas, I guess.

  7. glad the quad is feeling better. hyrdrating will help you in so many areas anyway. great habit to have.

  8. End result - quad feeling mighty fine. Good to hear. ;)

  9. Hydration is so key, but so easily set asside for me. I mean, I drink A LOT of water, but I know there are days where I never drink enough!

    I hear a lot about this NUUN, but have never tried it. I am very intrigued.

  10. Hopefully it won't occur again but - if it does - you'll need to go back over everything you did to try and find the solution again. Like doing a Rubik's Cube in reverse. Good luck!

  11. Lisa I am sooo glad your quad is feeling might fine!!! Chalk it up to rest and all the stuff you did to make it happen!!!


  12. NUUN? I'll have to google it and maybe try it for myself. :)

  13. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    MCM Mama

  14. Love the stick!

    I'm so glad to know you're doing much better! Yipee!

  15. great 800 times. Proud of you. Keep up all the good work.