Sunday, January 4, 2009

Act of Random Kindness

Almost all my readers are runners. I'm sure you'd each like to know how to:

· Expend less energy to run fast
· Begin using your body’s natural shock absorption
· Distribute running workload optimally to avoid fatigue in any one muscle group
· Minimize vertical displacement
· Avoid “braking” with each step
· Utilize elastic recoil for “free speed”

Well here's your chance. I'm feeling generous and decided to perform a random act of kindness and give away a slightly used "Evolution Running" DVD to one lucky commenter to this post.

Simply leave me a comment letting me know one thing you learned in 2008.

The fine print
* only comments to this specific post are eligible
* if you win, you will need to provide your mailing address so I can ship it to you
* leave only one comment to this post or I may remove your name from the hat entirely
* please understand that I'm doing this out of the kindness of my heart, not because I'm sponsored. The DVD is used, but good condition
* drawing will be held on the morning of Friday 09-Jan


  1. Good on you for your random act of kindness! Neat idea! I learned a lot in 2008 as it was my first full year of really running; especially with my injuries.

    Most importantly, I learned to listen to my body, and that patience while recovering is tough but needed. I also learned that running is more than simply a physical sport; there's a lot of mental training that i've done, and still need to do!

  2. In 2008, I learned that I was capable of a lot more than I ever gave myself credit for. I thought that my body would never be able to handle running or any sport (bloody noses each time I started exercising in the past), however, as I kept pushing myself 10% more each week, I realized that I could do it.

  3. Thats pretty nice.

    This year I learned that with the right training, and enough determination I can finish any distance race

  4. Very nice of you to do this.

    I learned how lucky I am to be able to run. So many people can, and I can now I realize how lucky I am.

  5. I love your idea....

    Hey mama, throw my name in the hat.

  6. How generous of you! Maybe whoever wins it can do the same thing and pass it along!

    I think I learned to enjoy the kind of racing I "want" to do, instead of the kind I think I "should" be doing.

  7. How nice! Jess' idea is a good one :-)

    I learned to be patient and rest. I'm not getting any younger and my body doesn't bounce back as quickly as it did in my 20s and early 30s. So, now I rest when I need to, including taking weeks off when I feel a nagging injury. Better a week than several months!

  8. Wow, this is SO cool!

    In 2008 I learned that I have what it takes to do whatever I put my mind to.

    More specifically I learned that I can go the distance on a 70.3 even with flats, wind, rain and cold.

    And I learned that the training, while it feels at times absolutely awful, is more than worth it in the end. The 70.3 was so much more rewarding because months and months of hard work preceded it.

  9. That's a really awesome thing for you do to!

    This year I learned that sometimes injuries require more than just rest to heal. Sometimes you've got to call in the big guns (aka the docs and physical therapists)

  10. yeahhh!! I love random acts of kindness, especailly when they involve making my running even better!

    What did I learn this year...oh boy so many about a wedding is just a ceremony it's what you do with the marriage that counts.

  11. yeahhh!! I love random acts of kindness, especailly when they involve making my running even better!

  12. I think I've realized that a lot of running is mental and scheduling. I have problems with flat feet so it seems hard to get past just thinking about my feet. This DVD sounds good.

  13. I love the giveaway AND the fact that I'm learning things in the comments. What did I learn in 2008? Running helps me stay patient, calm, even-tempered, and content, even more than yoga or meditation (!). Being grateful and giving thanks every day makes me more content with what I have. The things I watch and read impact my mental health. A wonderful year for learning!

  14. Awwwhhhh Lisa you're so sweet!!

    I think the biggest thing I learned was: Enjoy it. Really!

    I know everyone says "Have fun" blah, blah, blah but don't really "get" it. I think that this was the first season that I truly truly enjoyed my running even if it was "bad" in terms of of overall times :-)

  15. I learned that I am Iron. If I win, I will watch it then pass it on :-)

  16. That's really great of you!

    I learned in 2008 that it does not matter how fast or slow I'm running or what distance I'm covering - I'm still a runner. :)

  17. that like pose running? I learned a little about pose running in helped me recover from an ankle injury. I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right though.

    Thanks for putting up the book up for all of us to win :) Very sweet of you!

  18. What a thoughtful thing to do!

    I learned that I love running. I used to do it to stay skinny, but I've learned that I totally enjoy it (even without the health benefits.)

  19. Very kind of you.
    I can't run any more so you can leave me out of the drawing but I will comment.

    I learned that improvement in all things are an evolving process. Change happens daily. Making that change be positive takes a little effort and energy. Otherwise, things don't always change for the better.

  20. What I learned from 2008:

    1. That I am capable of much more than I ever gave myself credit for.

    2. That I have much more fun at events when I do the work to be there, regardless of how the event itself turns out.

    3. That training year round makes me happier and healthier. I used to spend half the year sick with allergies and asthma related crud. I have only had a handful of minor colds this year and I ma not feeling the "winter blues" this year.

    I just wanted to say "Hi" and that I thought this was a really cool idea. You can exclude me from the drawing. I know I will be too lazy to watch the DVD. I still have a set of swimming DVDs from a year ago that I have yet to watch.

  21. Very Cool..
    I learned that running is for ME and I can do it.

  22. I learned to pace myself. I learned it the hard way, over and over, but I learned it nonetheless.

    Great idea, btw. Thanks!

  23. What a great, kind, awesome idea :)

    Biggest thing I learned in 2008 is that I AM capable of running a marathon!

  24. Lisa this is extremely nice of you!!!

    Honestly i did not learn all that much in 2008. WHY? Because it took the whole year to learn that in 2009 i have to listen to my body and listen to others advice on how to be a better runner and not get injured as much!!!

    Thats it!!!

    Happy MOnday!!!

  25. I was doing an ultra as a fundraiser for Relay for Life. I learned that slower is always better. I also learned what friends and love are. How else do you explain the insanity of the people who kept me company for endless hours while I ran throughout the night. Poor saps...I love 'em.

  26. 2008 chewed me up and spit me out. But it was one of the best life lessons I have ever had.

    I learned that to live life is to be flexible and open. You cannot plan your life and expect everything to happen in a neat little package the way you want it.

    And in the long run, that is the best possible thing, because it's only in those moments where you are completely thrown off your element where you are actually living life. Every experience, no matter how crappy it may seem at the time, helps to make you a more well-rounded person.

    Thanks for the random act of kindness.

  27. Sounds like a great book!

    One thing that I learn: don't overextend myself, my time, my mind, my energy.

  28. Good for you Lisa...

    Don't include me in the draw (the postage would be too much!) .. but for good measure... what did I learn in 2008... hummm...

    1. The world is a smaller place then ever before - I even managed to meet a U.S. blogger last year!

    2. In order to conquer hills you need to train on hills. I used to be crap at them (bike or run) but my incorporating them in your training you don't need to be afraid of them on race day!

    3. Despite everything I can't give up certain vices (chocolate, cheese etc, and life is too short anyhow)

    4. Dreams can come true if you put your mind (and body) to it.

  29. I've learned that the only way to go forward is to look back. Not with regret but with questions on what could be changed to make the next year better.

  30. Lovin' the random act of kindness....

    Ok, so in 2008 I learned that I can run farther than I ever thought possible, and that my mind and body are capable of more than I give them credit for. I went from not being able to even run one mile, to running 8 miles (my longest run yet). And, best of all, I learned that I actually really enjoy running!

  31. In 2008 I learned (although very late in the year), that the most important thing I can do for myself in running, triathlons, everything...

    is to stop doing things on other people's timetables. Just because so-and-so is moving up to HIM/IM, doesn't mean I'm ready. Over and over again (during races) I tell myself "The only person you're racing is you!" Yet, up until now, my 'planning and scheming' I've seemed to 'race' other people. I'm slowing it down to just outside my comfort zone - and going from there.

  32. Lisa you are such a sweetheart! How very generous of you!

    What I learned in 2008

    : no matter what your age, you can run, swim & bike,

    : no matter what your age, you learn from your fellow bloggers,

    : no matter what your age, if you believe it ~ you will achieve it...who knew I'd do my first marathon at age 55!!

    Thanks Lisa for letting me share this with YOU!!

  33. I learned that nutrition is paramount in training, not just an afterthought.

  34. That is so nice of you Lisa!

    I learned that in 08 I can do anything I want I just have to stay focused and work hard. I also sadly learned that I can burn 2500-3000 cals a day and still gain weight.

  35. I'm not a runner but one of my New Year's resolutions is to always make time for friends and be more kind! Good on ya. :-)

    Oh, and I learned from 2008 that base training can be quite addictive. It doesn't hurt but you can still tell yourself that you are training. Problem is: No pain, no gain!