Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Undertrained and overcommitted?

or as they say, "What could possibly go wrong with that plan?!?"
  • 3.5 weeks until the 40mi bike tour.  It's a route that I've ridden before, not too challenging.  Sounds doable. This one actually should be easy-peasy.
  • 4.5 weeks until the aqua-bike, which includes a swim. I haven't actually done any swam lap swimming since last August and may not get in the pool before race day, but it's only a 400m swim.
  • 6.5 weeks until Pedal Los Pueblos where I'll be riding ~76 hilly miles at elevation and the farthest I've gone so far is 38 miles on flat terrain. 
Maybe I should spend less time signing up for stuff and more time training.  Ya' think?!?


  1. I long for the day I can say "only" a 400m swim.

  2. Signing up is a good way to train better. Good luck my friend.
    Our plans are different, mine includes only the first run outdoor when I will be able.....

  3. I'm with Marcia. I could never say only an anything swim.

  4. Signing up for races is soo exciting though!!! God luck, you can do it!!

  5. Signing up for races is so exciting though! Good luck, you can do it!