Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Tally, Running Update, & Life

  • Cycling - 64.8 mi
  • Running - 47.5 mi
  • Walking - 50.3 mi
  • Hill workouts - 12 (mostly walking though)
  • 1 5K race early in the month 
  • 1 daughter graduated from HS
  • 1 son visiting for just a week
  • Did a lot of walking!  And enough of everything else to make it a good month.
  • Life is changing.  More on that below.
  • Possible 5K fun run this month.  Maybe not though.
  • Try to ramp up long runs to 7 miles each, knee permitting.
Running Update
  • Didn't run at all last weekend, but walked a ton.  Ran at the track last night and did 8 400s.  My Garmin died so I don't have all the data for it, but it was a good workout.
  • Since Son is staying in CA over the summer, we make a whirlwind trip this weekend to SF&Berkeley to visit with him.  We were on the go the whole time trying to pack in as much as possible over a weekend. I feel like I need some down time now, but it was so nice for our little family of 4 to have some quality time together. 
  • Son got an internship in CA, which is why he's not coming home.  It's been difficult for me to come to grips with the fact that he's only going to be visiting with us from now on.
  • Daughter registered for her fall classed at UNM last week. Then yesterday she signed a lease for student housing.  I think it will be good for her to live on campus (vs. the long commute from our home), but the reality of the the empty nest when she moves out this fall hasn't quite sunk in yet.
  • I was sad thinking about all these changes; they are growing up and moving on. But then I saw an absolutely beautiful sunset the other night. I think it might be a sign that everything is going to be okay. :-) 


  1. I can only imagine how hard it must be to have your kids leave home, but I would take that sunset as a good omen. What a gorgeous photo of it!

  2. I can only imagine how tough that might be, but you can also do many fun things! Wonderful sunset!!

  3. That is a gorgeous picture.

    What exciting times in your kids' lives! But sorry it is sad for you.

  4. This is so cool! I love how you tracked all your mileage for the month. It would be really interesting to look back each year and see what you did. May need to try this :D

  5. It's kind of hard when life changes. Hoping all goes well!

  6. I cannot imagine how you feel when the kids are all grown and leave. So far, I am the one doing the growing up and leaving. I know my mom is more "affected" than my dad. And the fact that I have moved to another continent and only get to go home once every few years is difficult for my mom.
    But, I love it. While I feel guilty for making my parents go through this, I am glad they let me (albeit reluctantly) pursue my own life.

  7. Eight 400s??? Now that's a workout.

  8. The children grow too fast, this is the life. I am lucky because mine live and work in our same city and near us.
    Indeed a busy month. Walking is very nice too. I walked a lot before coming back to run.

  9. yes. everything is going to be ok :-)