Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Miscellany

As expected, my old Garmin decided to resurrect itself (at least for the time being) now that I have a new one. I don't regret my purchase one bit though because the old one is clearly on its last legs and cannot be trusted. For now, my Husband is using the gimpy Garmin and I have a brand spanking new one to call my own.

I clearly have been afflicted by the spring cleaning bug. So far I have emptied an entire dresser from our office/sewing room (had fabric in it, I kept about half, but put it in bins in the closet), the top shelf of the cabinet in our master bathroom (had towels we weren't using), the middle shelf in the hall closet (had dish towels that we've never mom keeps buying them for us). I've also devised a plan to paint two walls in the kitchen while Husband is on business travel next week. And I chose a color for the fireplaces/bancos and two walls in the great room. I'm not usually this ambitious. I'm blaming it on the "supermoon".

I woke up at 6:15 Sunday morning and baked banana cake from scratch. Sounds impulsive, but actually I have planned this for an entire week. Bought the bananas and buttermilk and cream cheese last weekend. Let the bananas ripen all week while we were gone. Oh my gosh, this cake is so moist and delicious!! Too delicious! I've already eaten an entire row single handedly from the 9x13 pan. Eek. At this rate I will gain 20 pounds by next weekend. So the new plan to take it with me this evening to my women's group Bible study and hope they find it equally delicious.

Calling the orthopedic office later today. Fingers crossed that I can start the injections this week.

Off to tackle Monday before it tackles me!


  1. Having a back up is always good, different model too, they might have different features.

  2. I got a few things done around the house yesterday but definitely need a thorough spring clean/organization weekend!

    Your banana cake sounds DELISH! No way could I have that lingering in my kitchen - good idea to share!

  3. what? hubby gets the hand me downs? TOTALLY NOT FAIR :-) I hope you gave him cake to assuage his manly feelings....

  4. MMMM Banana cake.

    Maybe you can tackle my house when you are done yours.

  5. I was sold on bananas, buttermilk and cream cheese. HOLY YUM.

    Recipe? :)

  6. I don't think Monday stands a chance :)

  7. Send some of that domestic motivation my way...and while you're at it, I'll take some banana cake too! : )

  8. what a fantastic productive weekend, i love those. i'm totally in spring cleaning mode too. love it. since i can't be outside thanks to allergies i'm taking advantage and getting things done inside.

    that banana cake sounds amazing! yum.

  9. My house could use some thorough cleaning/orgnaizing. I just need those house elves to hop on it.

  10. We the big spring cleaning last weekend and ended up taking a van load of clothes and old furniture left over from our college days to Goodwill. In the process, we discovered a whole new section of our basement! :)

    You are welcome to come over and paint any time you want. I absolutely hate painting. I am too much of a computer nerd and wish that I could just paint the walls with the Fill Bucket in photoshop - click and done.

  11. Banana cake sounds delicious and appropriate for the runners.
    good luck with the orthopedic...I remember again how many times I met my ortho after the surgeries.