Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jingle Bell Run


This was my fifth running of the local Jingle Bell run. The first three years that I ran it, it was at Balloon Fiesta park. Last year they moved to Mariposa Park with an out and back section at the beginning, then a loop around the park. This year they changed it to be a three loops around the park with a little straight section at the beginning and end. It's the kind of terrain where you are either going up or down the whole time, no part of it is actually flat except for a short section right near the finish line. It's worth mentioning that the course also measured short. According to my Garmin, this is a 3 mile route, not a 5K. Here's the elevation chart:

What went well
  • Despite being a very small event, maybe 150-200 runners and walkers combined, collectively everyone involved managed to raise $19K for the Arthritis Foundation.
  • You could sign up as a runner or walker, with or without a dog. I believe this encouraged more people to participate than they would have if it was just a race.
  • Our swag included a pair of running socks from Lady FootLocker. Husband gave me his (I guess he didn't want to keep the women's socks).
  • Husband had a great race. His finish time was 25:17. That's a good couple minutes faster than last year and good enough for him to place 2nd M40-49. Really impressive because he's just coming back from a hip injury.
  • The weather was great. Sunny, 40s, no wind. I wore capris and long sleeves over a tank top and was quite comfortable.
  • Lots of people dressed seasonally. They had a band & music the whole time. The event oozes fun.
What didn't go so well
  • All those runners, walkers, and dogs started at the same time. Since this was a three loop course, I found it to be very frustrating at times. Walkers are notorious for taking up the entire width of the path.
  • I had a very mediocre race, especially compared to the recent events on dirt. Not horribly disappointed in my finish time, but not particularly happy about it either.
  • Perhaps I'm getting spoiled, but I really didn't enjoy running on a hard surface this time (I have really liked those last few races on dirt).
  • I was passed by a poodle. Wearing a sweater. I think that was more humiliating than the time I was passed by a chihuahua a few years ago.

Husband had a great race; I'm thrilled for him about that. I'll most likely do this one again next year, but perhaps I'll consider entering as a walker with a dog rather than as a runner. Short races on hard surfaces just aren't my thing anymore. I'd rather run on dirt or go longer (or both!)


  1. Congrats to you and your hubs!
    Good for you for getting out there and doing this :) ...but a poodle with a sweater, ouch ;)

    Haha! I've got my mom's poodle for six months right now and since he gets his fur trimmed, he also has to wear a sweater when it's too cold :)

  2. Go long and stay away from those poodles!

  3. I was smiling about you being passed by a sweater wearing poodle :) Don't worry about it! I like when you get socks instead of a shirt. Sorry the race wasn't as good as you had hoped, the next one will be better! :)

  4. Oh wow getting passed by a poodle wearing clothing does seem like it would be pretty humiliating! And I've never ran a race on dirt! Maybe I should try? :D

  5. We got passed by a poodle-esq dog in our Thanksgiving run. I rationalized it with the fact that a dog has twice as many legs so they should be able to go twice as fast... :)

  6. Go longer or both! That sounds good! Congratulations to both of you with your runs.

  7. If you are thinking of longer races, one question to keep in mind is: What is the range of a poodle?

    Answer: About 30 feet if you hit it right with your foot.

    Good job anyway. :)

  8. Hi Lisa,
    You know, last year the 5K was my favorite distance until I started doing the longer runs. I am the same, I would rather go longer too:)

    Congrats to the bothe of you! Yay for your husband nailing an age group placement:)

  9. Oh no - a loop course with DOGS? That must have been crazy. Congrats to you both!

  10. Hey poodles can get some speed going! Don't let that get you down! Congrats to you husband on a great race and kudos to both of you for participating in a great local event!

  11. I'm sorry, but I laughed at the mental picture of you being passed by a poodle in a sweater. ;o) Thanks, 'cause I really needed a laugh.

  12. Dirt *is* the bomb diggity!! ;)

  13. I passed up our Jingle Bell Run this year, because of the dogs as well. The last time I ran in it, I was almost tripped by a dog's leash!

  14. WT? You got poodled? Oh the humanity!!! :-)

    Here's an interesting article on GPS accuracy. I wouldn't worry about the course length....

    Congrats on a great race to you and hubby!

  15. Damn poodles! I literally LOL'd at my desk. Oops. Back to work I go.

    Congrats to you and hubs. And the poodle.

  16. Way to go with the race! Y'all did a great job! I's frustrating when everyone starts together, especially on a course that loops afew times!

  17. It doesn't matter what you tell walkers. They will never start in the back. I had to giggle about the poodle.

    Congrats to you and all the racers for raising all the $$.