Friday, August 6, 2010

Morning Musings

Started this morning off with a 400 Yd TT at the pool. I don't know what I was expecting my time to be after taking such an extensive break, but I certainly wasn't thrilled with the 09:14 that I clocked. I could feel my form fall apart at the end. That's what I need to focus on: form. Next time I show up at the pool, I'm doing drills. I won't be happy until I get my 400 back under nine minutes.

This morning when I went to the hot tub afterward, my swim stalker mentioned that "that guy over there" prefers that lane that I was swimming in. "Just watch, when he realizes that lane is open, he'll move over" And by golly, that's just what happened.

[NOTE: I've come to the conclusion that this man is harmless. He's just an elderly gentleman who comes to the gym regularly and doesn't have much else to do with his time other than people watch.]

I had also arranged to meet a friend for a 4 mile walk along the bosque. I stopped home first for a quick snack and to change clothes. My poor dogs were confused and disappointed when they saw me leave the house in walking clothes without them. I almost always take them with me, but not when I go the bosque.

It was a nice morning for a walk. I should have brought my camera, we saw about 3 hawks circling up overhead near our turn point. I wonder if there was a nest nearby?

My garmin says that we maintained a decent walk pace, ~16:50. It was much faster than the last time we did it. After I got back home I realized that my knee didn't bother me the whole time. I do believe it's getting better!


  1. Nice work on the swim, I believe your stalker stalks everyone, I guess he enjoys people watching at the pool.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Just so you know....I would of been jumping up and down with that swim time:) Good job!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. That is awesome that your knee didn't hurt. Gotta love that!!!

  4. Glad to hear your knee is improving. That's awesome news.

  5. Yay the knee is getting better! ;)

  6. Must be sad to get old with no one to share your time or nothing to do.

    Good to hear your knee is improving.

  7. There's a bunch of old guys & gals that are in my gym - it's their social club & they get some activity while they're at it. And you better bet that I ask them when the best times to hit the cardio room versus the pool are - only they would know the little secrets like that :)

  8. I'm glad the knee is doing so much better!

    That sounds like a really nice walk!

    Yeah, my dog gets bent out of shape when she sees me run by the house and I don't come in yet because I need to fit in another quarter mile.