Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tempo Run

Before I get into the details of this run, some background for context.

My goal for the half-marathon was to finish strong & feeling good & uninjured. I didn't have a time goal, and Coach purposely didn't give me any specific paces to hit during training. Instead, he would prescribe something like "steady" or "tempo" or "easy" and I ran by feel.

Over time, I learned that "tempo" means something around 10:10. And easy means something closer to "10:45" And warm-up usually comes in at about "11:05". Apparently, so did he. I shared my Garmin data with him, so I guess this is no surprise.


When he handed me the training plan for the next month, I found it to have pace targets All.Over.It. I don't know why, but this makes me very nervous. *gulp*

Which brings me to yesterday. Coach ordered up a tempo run for Saturday morning. He asked for 15min warm up, 4 mile tempo (10:00-10:20 pace for me), 10 min cool down.

As soon as we started, and area near my right hip going down my leg started to hurt. What the heck?!? Where did that come from? But I found that it got better as I got warmed up. So I was determined to go ahead with the run as planned.

I was nervous about hitting my tempo pace target. But as I thought about it, I decided to just to run by feel. This is what I have been doing for the past three months, and the pace has sorted itself out. Why should today be any different?

I used my lap button to separate the tempo portion from the warm-up and cool-down. And I was thrilled after the run to see the results: ~11:00 for the warm up, 10:03 for the tempo portion, ~11:30 for the cool down.

Now for some serious attention to that IT band. Foam roller, here I come...


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I had the same thing happen to me last year after I ran my first 10 mile race. My hip started to wasn't pretty:( I wish that I would of purchased a foam roller. I have heard everyone rave about them! I hope that your hip heals and that you will be pain free soon!

  2. Not fair!! That's what I think about IT band pain.
    Appreciated account of fabulous training. Wow!
    But sneaky IT band: Ouch.
    This week I experienced a sharp pain in just a 6 inch piece of my right one, odd when it's the left hip that hurts. Ouch Ouch.
    Good luck. I appreciate your details.

  3. Great job hitting your paces! Now go make sure you take care of your ITB!

  4. good job !! i am the opposite - i am obsessed with pace and where i am at. .

  5. Nice work on the tempo! Hell I don't even know where my lap button is after how many years with a Garmin?
    The foam roller is my BFF. Take care of that ornery IT!

  6. I tend to get anxiety when I'm aiming to hit a certain pace... so much pressure! Sounds like coach knows what you're capable of, though. No need to worry next time. :) WAY TO GO!

  7. Damn IT Bands. Roll it until you cry. Then roll it some more.

  8. Amazing how it's all in the head!

  9. Great tempo run so soon after the half....

    GLAD you got that roller... look after those legs!

  10. Your hip issue is exactly why "I" need to spend more time warming up properly. Way to NOT over think it. Just get'er done!!! :-)

  11. what, exactly, are you nervous about? you rocked your tempo run! :) hope your itb is feeling better after some foam rollin' love.

  12. Hi.
    Nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  13. Nice work on hte tempo run

    I hope the ITB gets better soon

  14. Good work! Look on Core Performance's website they have some good warm up activities that focus on the hips area. Lots of Yoga stretches are good too - Women's health magazine has several online.

  15. You're really great at the running by feel thing. I have no idea what pace I'm going unless I consult a watch. Some days the same pace feels super easy and other days super tough.

  16. Ditto on what everyone already said about foam rollers! I get scared when I hear people have issues with their hips! If it's still bugging you do get it checked, and checked some more.

    Take care!

  17. I hear ya. I'm a feel runner too and get nervous when I see paces in my training. I prefer to see HR zones specified or paces based on efforts. Absolute paces can vary so much depending on whether one is running in cool conditions vs. hot ones.