Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Tally and Random Musings

May Totals

46.1 miles on my Feet (run + walk)
84.3 miles on my Seat (cycling)
0 races
1 high school graduation


The summer isn't going to turn out as expected due to issues with my knee, but sometimes life's greatest experiences are unplanned; I'll try to make the best of it!


Orthopedic appt at the end of the month. Taking it one day at a time from now until then with regard to my run/walk/cycle schedule.

Random Musings

* Chobani Strawberry yogurt tastes just like strawberry jam. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy strawberry jam (on toast), but I prefer yogurt to be more tangy. The Oikos brand Strawberry is much more to my liking.

* I had been planning to run another half marathon in August. It now seems unlikely that this will happen. Today I decided that if I can't run it, I will volunteer. It's a win-win!

* Rode my bike yesterday to the store to pick up a few things and carried them home in a backpack. Felt all proud of myself until I saw another couple who was there with a pull cart attached to a bike and an entire week's worth of groceries.

* Our grill seems to have died and needs to be replaced. Is it wrong that rather than be sad, I cheered? I'm really excited that we might be able to replace this old grill with a new Weber grill (they are supposed to be high quality)!

* I'm only about 3 lbs from my goal weight and holding steady. This makes me happy.

* When all else fails, boiling water is an effective organic ant killer. You're welcome.


  1. I love volunteering. Maybe even more than I love actually racing LOL.

    Great job on the weight! I need to get my act together, umm, yesterday LOL.

  2. ... and so is the right forefinger (to kill the ants that is!)

    ... despite your dastardly knee you sound in positive form! Good stuff :O)

  3. Life's full of unexpected plan changes. It's best to just roll with them and make the best. I'll have to include boiling water into my pest management plans now. lol

  4. Have fun volunteering.

    D has a Weber Grill. LOVES it! After the gas grill caught on fire, he went charcoal. I think he just wanted all the gadgets.

  5. Great job keeping active and staying positive! Volunteering sounds like a great alternative for the half marathon.

  6. We need a new grill too :) That is awesome that you are 3 pounds away from your goal weight!!! I love how you will volunteer if you can't run the half, that is a great idea!

  7. Weber grills are the bomb. I replaced a few parts and used mine for like 10 years before I retired it. Probably died young :-)

  8. Random collection of comments:

    Ugh. So sorry to hear your knee is troubling you again. Best wishes for the ortho appointment.

    Congratulations on the graduation! I know it is scary and exciting all at the same time for the parents.

    I would kill to be within 3 pounds of my goal weight.

    Get healthy we so need to run together!

  9. You're going to reach your goal weight, you're so close! Great job!!! Volunteering does sound like a great idea, paying it forward, i like it. :)

  10. That comment about the couple with all their groceries made me laugh. Thanks for the ant killing recipe. ;)

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  12. Ohh enjoy grill shopping! I hope you get to pick an awesome one. And way to keep on trucking along with your workouts despite your knee!

  13. it's ok to not be sad about the grill - hello upgrade and new one!! :)

    random about the ant remedy. sounds like something i could handle though should i need it.

  14. Yayy I think volunteering is a great idea ;D

  15. I thnk our grill died, too, and I've been so happy about it! Ours is from 2000.

    You'll have a good time volunteering at the half.