Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where's Lisa?

So as it turns out...

When things aren't going so well on the running/cycling front, there isn't much to blog about. Nor is there a lot of motivation to read blogs about the running/cycling of others.

Who knew?

It's not like I haven't been doing ANYTHING. It's just that what I have been doing isn't all that exciting because my knee continues to be problematic. And I'm really struggling to keep a positive attitude right now.

But here's how the past week unfolded

* Sunday: Walked 2.0 miles with the dogs. Obedience training is really paying off.
* Tuesday: Met the running group. They did fartleks. I "ran" 4.2 miles very slowly.
* Thursday: Unplanned rest. Bad weather (thunderstorms) & sick kid (tonsillitis).
* Friday: Walked 1.5 miles with the dogs. Cut short due to more thunderstorms.
* Saturday: Ran 4.2 miles even slower than Thursday. Walked 0.5 miles with the dogs. Went on slow 17.5 mile bike ride. Walked another 0.5 miles with the dogs.

So that's 12.9 miles by foot & 17.5 miles by bike for the week. Not horrible; not great.


  1. Boo! So sorry the knee isn't behaving but I'm glad at least your dogs are--that's more than I can say for mine.

  2. but you stayed active, which is good :-) Enjoy your ME time!!

  3. I'm the same way with blogging/running. They seem to happen in tandem.

    Good luck with your knee.

  4. Hang in there! Hope your knee heals soon.

  5. I hope your knee gets better soon.
    Take it easy and enjoy some easy workouts for now.

  6. I hear you..apparently I am very boring when I am not training. Take care of the knee!!

  7. It's movement, and at least you can do that! Take care.

  8. Welcome back and thanks for checking in:) I hope that your knee gets better soon. You are doing your best to stay active and that is awesome:) Hang in there Lisa! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. It's so hard not to feel discouraged and just BLAHHH when dealing with an injury/issue. At least you are staying active!

  10. Some weeks are just like that. Hang in there and next week you can turn it around. :)

  11. Glad you are still out and about. Sounds like the pups are enjoying time with you.