Saturday, May 1, 2010


April Running tally came in at 75.6 miles. Not as high as March, mostly because I'm in a recovery period following my half-marathon, but still decent mileage for a 3 day per week runner. I'm pleased.

I have no races on my immediate horizon. This is not a good thing. I'm at a bit of a loss without an upcoming race/event to target. Plus, the training schedule picks back up again next week as recovery period will be over. Since I don't know what race/event is next, the training plan is somewhat generic.

I'm purposely *not* running a local 5K/10K tomorrow. I'm just not feeling it, so I decided to pass on this one. Most of the run club is running it, so we didn't meet today. I could have run alone, but decided against that.

No worries. I'm hoping the weather holds out so that Husband & I can hop on our bikes later today instead. I'm not sure if I have enough time to prepare for it, but I'd really like to do the Albuquerque (half) Century again this year if possible. Problem is that it is a short 5 weeks away and I haven't been on my bike all month. Time to put on my cycling clothes and get out on the bike if I'm going to make this happen.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Since I never run races I do not know the feeling of 'now what?' after a race.

    What gets me out the door is the knowledge that I like the me who runs, much better than the one that doesn't.

  2. I hope you and hubs can get out for a ride today!

    Good luck finding a race to put on that calendar soon.

  3. I'm having to push myself to stay active since I finished my half and have nothing on the horizon.

    Not that I went and ran a 20 mile week this week though.. I ran 6 total this week.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I think you still had a great week! Funny, I am sort of feeling like you...I have not been feeling it either. Especially this week and I am not sure why. Have fun on the bikes:)

  5. Your running fitness will carry quite a bit to the bike... see how it goes... you may surprise yourself!

  6. Awwww sign up for another race! Or just enjoy your accomplishments for a while :D

  7. ahh the post-race blues. i suffer from this often :(

    try to enjoy the down-time/less "gotta train" mindset? or, get a few shorter races on the schedule so you have some mini-goals, but without going crazy with a full-blown training schedule?

  8. Do it lady! Get on that bike!

    Happy Sunday.

  9. Good run volume. I am like you though, I need a race to train for. Otherwise it all kind of gets muddled up and worse, I won't train at all!

    Wait...what is that sound? Oh, it's your bike calling you ;)

  10. I feel ya, its race season, and it will end before we know it