Monday, January 4, 2010

Two Dog Run

Husband & I intended on going for a two dog run yesterday afternoon for the first time. Bandit has routinely joined him for two miles (up and down a hill), then is returned to home while he heads out for another two miles. Stymie has stayed home, because excessive running isn't good for growing puppies' joints.

Stymie is nearly 9 mo old now, is bigger and faster than Bandit, and we figured that at my pace, it would be more like walking briskly for him.

Sounded like a plan. Got Bandit hooked up via the handsfree leash to Husband. Stymie hooked up to me.

I took off first. Stymie definately thought this was fun, but had no idea how to run along side. He was in front, to the left, to the right, turned around looking behind. I managed not to trip over him as he tried to figure it out.

Then Husband and Bandit caught up to us. Stymie dashed over to Bandit, wanting to prance along side of him.

Then Husband and Bandit passed me.

Aye Carumba. Stymie (maybe 80lbs now) started pulling, and he wanted to RUN to catch up to Bandit. And trust me this dog RUNs much faster than me.

I called out to Husband. STOP! I can't do this!

He stopped. We regrouped.

We decided to attach both dogs to Husband. The dogs were happier that way. It was easier for me. But it still wasn't the pleasant running experience we were hoping for. Occasionally one dog would go left, the other dog would go right, husband trying to go straight.

At the end of those two miles, we brought the dogs in and called it a day. Somehow, what seemed like such a good idea at the beginning turned out to be not such a good idea after all.

Afterwards, we stopped at the pet store and bought something else to try running the dogs next time. It's a Y attachment that goes to one leash and connects it to two dogs.

I tried it out on a short walk with the dogs, and it seemed better. If the dogs go in opposite directions, they work against each other instead of us. Also, it doesn't allow them to get that far apart from each other...less of a trip hazard.

Maybe, just maybe, next week's Two Dog Run will be more successful.

Monday weigh in - 126.4lbs


  1. Hope the new leash works out. My neighbor runs with his dogs and says it's an intense fartlek - sprint, stop, jog, sprint, stop....

    MCM Mama

  2. camera in tow next time! ;)

  3. Hope they learn how to run better quickly - it took my puppy a little bit, but is much better now (usually). I don't think I'd be strong enough to wrangle 2 big dogs!

  4. Funny story! I am glad that you didn't get hurt:)

  5. I can't imagine running with our dogs. They're too spastic! lol

    Good job attempting though!

  6. hahaha...I'm picturing your facial response to your dog taking That's good shtuff

  7. rofl... good thing hubby didn't get split in two :-) That's an accident waiting to happen...

  8. That sounded so funny. I bet is was awesome to witness!

  9. Hmmm I hope the new leash thing works out for you. And I'm glad the new pup can now join you on runs!

  10. Yeah, running with dogs is never easy. I used to try to run with Scooter, and occassionally, I take him out for a brief jaunt, but it's more of a pain than anything else.

  11. That sounds fun and challenging. You might find yourself getting a little faster after a while with your two dog team pacing you. I wonder how it would work on a track?

  12. haha oh yes i know how this goes :) this is why i run with one dog at a time usually. but i have run with my husband having one day before and the other one just wanted to catch up! crazzzy :)

  13. Interesting logistics on getting two dogs to run with humans. My brother-in-law up in Alaska actually does trail races with one or two dogs pulling him by a harness/leash that he wears around his torso. I'm sure there's a fair amount of dog training that goes in beforehand, though.