Sunday, January 24, 2010

Four unrelated thoughts


Because of the problems I've been having with my back, we decided to get a new sofa and loveseat. Found something with good back support at LazyBoy. Yay. Set delivery for Friday. They confirmed said delivery on Thursday.

We had found a family that could use our old sofa/loveseat and were happy to give it to them.

Then, about an hour before the new sofa/loveseat were scheduled to arrive, I got a call. Only the loveseat could be delivered. Sofa is not in stock, but was supposed to arrive by now. Sigh.

So now we have a loveseat and a big empty space waiting for a sofa. Which I *hope* will arrive this week.

It's a discontinued color and we got it on sale, so I'm a bit nervous.

Running Group

Debut was on the schedule for Saturday. However, a storm came through Friday night / Saturday morning. Most of the group bailed in the morning.

A few of us showed up anyway.

I must say, it was something special. Except for a few bridges which were sketchy, the trail was in good shape. The snow along side was beautiful. The weather was nice...32-ish and no wind.

We enjoyed 5 wonderful miles along the Bosque trail. It was spectacular.


A young couple from our church had been trying to adopt a little girl from Haiti for the past 2.5 yrs. It's been a frustratingly slow process. She was 6mo old when they started the process; she is 3 yrs old now.

In the midst of the tragedy caused by the earthquake, they got good news. The US embassy was speeding up adoptions already in progress.

They flew to Orlando to pick up their new daughter yesterday morning. Amazing.

Age of Majority

My firstborn, my son, the boy who forever changed my life, turned 18 this past Wednesday.

I'm sad about how quickly time has passed, but I couldn't be more proud of the wonderful young man that he has become.

Monday morning weigh-in 124.6 lbs


  1. After 18, the years go even quicker. Waaaaah! It's bitter sweet, I tell ya.
    Has he picked a college (in the bay area) yet? ;)

  2. Happy Birthday to the baby boy. Yes, he will always be your baby. Yahoo on the running group & new furniture. :)

  3. happy birthday to your man! Hope you get the couch, and VERY happy about your friends child. :)

  4. I am sorry to hear about your sofa...that is a bummer. My son will be nineteen in February and I remember thinking the same thing when he turned eighteen. When did my little blue eyed boy become a man? Where did the time go? There is something about the first born son and the special relationship that we have with them! Have a good day Lisa!

  5. We knew someone with the exact same adoption situation! They got the little girl yesterday! Have a great day and happy birthday to your son! Time goes by soo fast :(

  6. Happy Birthday to your son! 18... wow.

    Sounds like a lovely run on Saturday. I'll bet you were glad you didn't bail due to the weather.

  7. It takes a village to raise a child, I'm so very happy that your friends were able to have their new daughter arrive safe and sound.

    18 years old, wow....times stand still for no man. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Hope you get your couch, I'd be a little nervous too!

  8. I hope the couch situation turns out!

    Congrats on the family and their adoption! How wonderful is that!

    And, happy Birthday to your first born!

  9. I hope the couch situation turns out!

    Congrats on the family and their adoption! How wonderful is that!

    And, happy Birthday to your first born!

  10. Why oh why do furniture deliveries always go awry?

    That is excellent news about the couple adopting.

    Is this the same son you mentioned on my blog? ha! do I really have to wait until the 3rd grade? I better stock up on Nature's Miracle.

  11. wow, happy birthday to your son! can't believe he's 18 already.

    that's an amazing adoption story too. finally something good comes out of the haiti situation.

  12. Happy Birthday to your son. Time really does fly!

    Congrats to your friends! It is nice to hear something hopeful coming out of Haiti.

  13. Happy birthday to your big guy!

    Wish the numbers on my scale would follow the numbers on yours...

    MCM Mama

  14. I told dee dee I'm not buying new furniture until we get rid of these dayum dogs! LOL... Jimmy is off to University next year. It just seemed like yesterday I was carrying him in the crook of one arm.

  15. Happy Birthday to your son!

    Sounds like a good run!

    Ugh on the sofa!

    Cool for your church friends! Congrats on their daughter!

  16. Wow how great for your friend from church that they finally get their little girl!

    Happy birthday to your son!

  17. ooo new furniture. Once my elderly, drooling, giant love bug of a dog goes I am getting a new sofa. Of course I'll probably get another dog too and then the whole couch/dog cycle can begin again....ha ha ha.
    Happy Birthday to your son. My daughter is going to be 13 in a couple weeks. It goes by so fast.

  18. Happy birthday to your son.
    That's great about the adoption. I hope it works out well for that family.

  19. Happy Birthday to your son!

    Glad to hear you got out for a good run with those who showed up.

  20. ahh hope the couch comes soon!! that's awesome about your friends/the adoption :) i hope she is adjusting well!

    happy belated birthday to your son!

  21. Belated birthday wishes to your son!

    And thanks for sharing the story about the couple who wanted to adopt. Nice to hear some good news for a change WRT Haiti.