Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three for Thursday.

1) Had to rescue Husband after his bike pannier rack broke while coming home from work. He took a tumble into the street, but no cars were in the vacinity (he was being smart and took a safer route) and he ended up with just some scratches and bruises. Thank Heavens it was mostly a scare!

2) Did upper body weights yesterday morning followed by a short 1.5 mile run after work. Yay me! Hemmed and hawwed too much this morning and did nothing, so the kudos are short lived. D'oh!

3) Watched "Up" with Son & Husband last night and rather enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it already, I recommend it!


Thur weigh-in 126.0


  1. Glad the hubs is ok!

    I hear ya on short-lived kudos. I didn't get up this morning for a 2 miler.

    Will put Up on my list!

  2. Glad to hear your husband's fall wasn't too serious!

  3. bike falls are always scary. glad he's ok!

    and kelley thought up was a little depressing. i haven't seen it yet.

  4. Oh boy, that would be scary!! Glad to hear your Husband is okay!! I haven't even hear of UP so I'll see if I can find it....


  5. Loved "Up!", took my son to see it in the theater. Love your weight update in tiny, tiny print.

  6. Nice job on the 3-fer! :)

    Glad to hear the hubby is okay!

  7. We loved the movie Up. It was such a touching story :-)

  8. Get well soon to the hubs. Always wear a helmet kids!

  9. Go you! You got that workout started! I know what you mean about hemming and hawing some days. Why do we do that to ourselves?

  10. Good job on the weights and run! Thanks for the tip on "Up". I have seen it at Block Buster for a few weeks now. I have a little guy who would love to watch it. How old is your son?

  11. Glad Hubs is ok!

    I loved UP. I cried, but I loved it.

    MCM Mama

  12. Glad hubs is okay!

    I loved "Up", & so did the kids.

  13. Have I said "Happy New Year" yet?

    I'm trying to get back in the blogging loop again, so forgive me for not keeping up!


    I loved the movie "Up." The dogs just busted me up!

    Glad your hubbie is ok. ;)

  14. Husbands!I just wished they'd stay upright! Always out to scare us!

    Just kidding! Glad he's ok!

  15. Glad your husband is okay- very scary!

    I've heard great things about Up! I kinda do want to watch it now!

  16. Hi! :o)

    Glad your husband is alright! Blimey must have been a shock!

    Nice to have some family time in front of a good film too.. YEAH :O)

    Oh yes - and good job on the work out!

  17. Oh my, glad your hubby is OK. One of these days I'm sure my husband will end up on the pavement from a bike mishap and I hope he is as lucky.