Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Totals

- 51.15 miles running :-)
- 5 strength sessions
- 2 lbs lost


- Train for Unser half marathon
- a few fun runs (5Ks) in Feb
- 3 more lbs lost

- I'm thrilled with my running mileage for January. It was all outside too. This whole race to train thing is working well for me.
- Not doing any races was actually a benefit. It meant replacing 5Ks with longer easy runs. I think the longer easy runs are better as half marathon prep. Having said that, I'm looking at back-to-back Sunday 5KS the next few weeks. Just for fun though.
- Running with the group again. And I *heart* it.
- I need to get more serious about my strength work. It helped with injury rehab and prevention last year. I shouldn't be slacking off in this area.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Great job for January!! I also really need to start working on my strength...I have been fluffing it for about one week! I need to get my rear in gear:)

  2. Nice job on January! Great totals!

  3. Great job on the 2 lb loss.. your Feb goals are inspiring.

  4. Sounds like a great month and nice goals moving forward. Hard to believe it's February already!

  5. The best line in your post is "I'm thrilled with my running mileage for January." You have a lot to be thrilled about - this was a good month!

  6. I like how you put your monthly totals, and those are some wonderful totals!

  7. Kudos on all those miles! And I think you get a bonus for doing them all outdoors in that cold!

  8. Nice kid! I think I found those 2 lbs you lost, where can I send them?

    kidding, I'm holding steady.

  9. All of those miles outside! In Jan! Man you totally rock!

  10. Great January! What a good way to start the year :-)

  11. A great month! fb{*like*} :-) If injury prevention is still a focus for you, then get that strength program going!!

  12. You had a Great-uary!

    Sweet on the 2 pound loss. Yipee!

  13. nice job in january and woo hoo for 2lbs lost! :) running with a group helps sooo much. i hope you are able to run with them often!