Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Too fast for my own shoes!

Today I intended to warm up, do 8x400 intervals at an 8:30min/mi pace, cool down, stretch.

Let's discuss the intervals. Normally, I do these on the dreadmill so that I can set and maintain the pace. Today I decided to estimate 400m with .25miles per my Garmin and do these in the great outdoors. As it turns out, I overshot my pace repeatedly. The results (in min/mi)
  1. 7.04 Holy Smokes! Did I do that?!?!
  2. 7:40
  3. 7:41
  4. 10:42 Trail turned to sand. Yuck!
  5. 7:57
  6. 8:06
  7. 7:52
  8. missing - miscounted and only did seven!

Before anyone dares suggest that I'm a speed demon, let me tell you that I was totally ready to stop when my .25miles were up each time. The pace that I can maintain over distance is WAY slower. But that is why they call this speed work, right?

And yesterday, 55min outside on the bike, 12.5miles. Not bad for a Monday after work with other commitments.

Tomorrow, planned swim unless the sleep demons get to me...


  1. Way to go! Very nice intervals. I plan to do the exact same thing, although I think I'll head up to the track close by (after the HM). That's really cool with the Garmin as well. If I don't feel like driving to the track, I can do 400 or 800 meter intervals on the hills from hell :-) Nice to see you getting your groove on.

  2. Those intervals will hopefully make your normal training pace seem a little bit easier. At least that's what people always told me. I hope you got up in time for a swim.

  3. Speed demon, sleep demon, I wish my company were equally interesting...

  4. Great job on pushing yourself!

  5. Hey! Brill intervals - great effort! As for the coffee beans well i got loads of funny faces but no men.... typical of my life really ...lol ;o)

    need more protein I guess!

  6. Great run!!! Sounds like you need air conditioning for those shoes!

  7. That's awesome on the track. Might have to change your turtle logo soon. The most important part is to know you can do it.

    One fast step at a time. Great job on the biking also... woohoo

  8. Those times are smoking! I'm not sure, I think I've read you refer to yourself as slow- I hope to some day be as slow as you. But it would take a lot of work for me to get there!