Thursday, March 15, 2007

Making it happen

Training continues to go mostly according to plan. Slept in Wed morning, but got my swim in during the afternoon during what was scheduled to be a core/strength workout. Indoor cycling this morning, ran this evening. Tomorrow is swim (maybe add back the missed core/strength as well). Sat bike. Sun run. I think I can get it all in.

Bigger news for me is that I've started laying down some $$ for a upcoming events. As I sign up, I will add them to the sidebar.

I have a huge week planned in May. The Jay Benson Sprint Tri is on one weekend, followed by a half-oly training camp Thu-Sat, followed by my first Oly tri that Sunday. Which, by the way, will also be my first open water swim except for practice the day before at the training camp. May not sound like much to many of you, but it will be quite a challenge for me to maintain that kind of volume and intensity over just a week's time plus learn to swim in open water and immediately turn around and race in it.

I was debating not signing up for all this madness. I am fairly certain that I will be last or darn near last at that Oly especially immediately after a training camp that will likely kick my novice butt. Howver, I was given the following words of wisdom by trusted friend:

Q: What do you call the last person to cross the finish line at a triathlon?
A: A Triathlete

A Triathlete, indeed. BRING IT ON!!!


  1. As someone who refereed a lot before some of my races, I can empathize with you. As long as you keep the race in mind during your training, I think you'll be fine. Bring it on! Yea, that's cool.

  2. I love that Q&A!!! I have a friend who says, "There's only 1 winner, everyone else gets the same t-shirt no matter where you come in." Good luck, I'll be looking forward to hearing how that week goes.

  3. You betcha!!! I love that can-do attitude.

  4. "BRING IT ON," whoop whoop..

    Darn tooting, you are a Triathlete, no matter what happens, you earned that title already...

    Can't wait to hear about your 1st OLY race.

  5. That's a great quote! I will have to remember that the next time I am last (and I have been MANY times). Good for you for making the commitment. Once you sign up for something, you are more likely to train and stay focused and motivated. Nothing like training scared!

  6. I work hard at my running, but compared to you I look lazy.

    If you are the very last, you'll have the best view.

  7. Love the Q & A!
    ... and what Flo said!

  8. I commend anyone who gets out there in the open water. The open water is my biggest fear that I one day hope to conquer. There's no doubt you will conquer it.

  9. Sounds like a great May on the books!!! Bring it on!

  10. Looking good! That oly camp should be fun!