Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Miscellany

I was was all set Sunday morning to head out and run 7 miles or 85 minutes whichever came first. I figured even if I ran a 12min mile, that was plenty of time to get in seven.

Unfortunately, my legs were still screaming at me for what I put them through on Saturday. Apparently they were not as elated as I about the bike ride and were in no mood to be running. The run started off slow and got slower by the mile. When my time was up, I had only managed a disappointing 6.5 miles. Blah! However, If my legs think one slow Sunday morning is enough to make me throw in the towel, they've got another thing coming. I'll give it another go this upcoming weekend.

Husband & I also celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary yesterday. So what did I do? I went out and bought him two new pairs of running shoes, of course! At first, that may seem like a weird anniversary gift, but as I explained to him - my hope is that running keeps him healthy so that we'll have many more years together. :)

Today was a planned 12 mile bike ride which went well by my standards, and I even managed to enjoy it. Maybe there's hope for me yet...

Have a good week, all!!


  1. Oh wow, happy anniversary to you and hubby!!!! I think running shoes are a great gift. I hope he appreciated the thought behind it :)

  2. I can appreciate the gift of running shoes! Definitely! That's why, quite frankly, tri-athletes train by time, and not distance. Some days you are feeling it, and do more. Some days you are not, and do less. The important thing is you did your time, and that all goes in the bank.

  3. Don't despair about the slow run. Eventually you will get over that hump and it will be much easier. We all get impatient to achieve goals, and I'm pretty bad about that myself, but consistency and patience will pay off.

  4. happy anniversary, lisa and hubby!! that totally sounds like my kind of present! :-)

    your legs will get used to the stacking of the workouts, but it takes a while. they'll be tired, but that is just a fact of life when it comes to multisport training - its how you make them stronger!

  5. Lisa, happy 18th anniversary! My wife and I will be celebrating our 23rd here in just a few months.

    Regarding the comment on my blog about the heartrate and cycling, I think you may be right on the money. It's one of those cycles where I can lean over the handlebars, and when I do that, I can pedal with much less effort. It's amazing the things we learn by default.

  6. I had a similar experience. Sunday I went for a good ride won't tell you what I averaged. Then Monday evening i went for a 3 mile run. Holy cow. I don't know if was the run after the killer ride or the 85 degree weather...

    Happy Anniversary!!

  7. Happy anniversary to you and the hubby..

    So did the shoes have a big "C" on it for the cubs?

    Don't worry about getting all the miles in. Not giving up is the most important part. Great job on the bike miles. You might actually start to really like it one of these days.. There is always hope!!

  8. Happy anniversary. And good job on sticking with the run, I think I would have given up before my time was up if I felt the same way. And I think that running 6.5 miles is impressive in itself!

  9. That's the spirit! Don't let one lousy Sunday rain on your parade.

    Happy anniversary! I think running shoes are the perfect gift. (But I may not be exactly unprejudiced.) Is he using them yet?

  10. Congrats on the 18 years. That's a lot bigger accomplishment than 12 miles! The shoes is an interesting choice - is that the official appropriate gift for 18 years ;-)

    Keep those legs in-line!!!

    Great job on the bike.

  11. Happy Anniversary! I bought my boyfriend a swimming pool membership for Christmas, with a reasoning similar to yours. He did not quite buy into it :(. But then, he is a hard case.

  12. Congrats on your 18th year!!! My wife and I just (and I mean two days ago) celebrated our 2 anniversary. And what did we do, nothing active. Went to dinner, hey we're in the middle of Finals week. Its still a nice run.