Monday, December 16, 2013

Running/Cycling Year in Review

Summary of Races/Events:  Completed 3 bike events, 1 sprint tri, and 6 running races from Feb-Oct. My primary objective was to have fun and remain pain-free, but active.  Since my knee didn't bother me until November, I believe that I met that goal.
  • Oct: Day of Tread 100K Bike Ride - (73K completed)   
  • Sep: RailRunner 35mi Bike Tour - finisher
  •  Aug: Live.Love.Tri Sprint - 1:31:4
  •  Aug: Rio Grande Half Marathon 5K - 28:40, 1st F45-49
  •  Jul: Women's Distance Festival 5K - 28:30
  • Jun: Run with Kenyans 8K - 51:04
  •  Jun: Tour de Cure Quarter-Century - finisher
  •  May: Run for the Zoo 10K - 01:03:02
  • Apr: Albuquerque Half Marathon 10K - 1:02:17
  •  Feb: NM Sweetheart Run 5K - 29:51
One of the rest stops at Tour de Cure
Favorite race experience: I think my favorite experience was the back-to-back weekend with the Tour de Cure quarter-century one day and the Run with the Kenyans the next day.  Neither was particularly tough, but the combination made for a tough, but rewarding weekend for a few good causes. Tour de Cure raises money for diabetes and the Run with the Kenyans proceeds went toward medical supplies in remote areas of Kenya.

Honorable Mention: Another one of my favorites is Live.Love.Tri - New Mexico's only all-women sprint triathlon.  It was my third year completing it.  Didn't end up my favorite this year mostly because I suffered a calf cramp during the bike portion.  That kind of zapped the fun right out of it for me.
Cute give-away from Kenyan Run

Favorite SWAG item: The hand-carved giraffes made in Kenya. What a unique give-away!  This was another way that they enticed runners to join this event.  I mentioned it in my post, but the event gave us a chance to run with Olympic runners from Kenya (okay...maybe "with" is a stretch since they run so fast...but they were at least on the same course!)

Best new piece of gear: It's a tie between the Nike Mix All-Time Jacket – windproof and waterproof - and my Galloway timer.

Most frustrating experience: Husband getting 3 flats over 35 miles during the Railrunner ride.  Ugggh.

Favorite Race shirt:  The Day of the Tread cycling jersey that I'm wearing in my profile pic.  Love it!

Plan to Galloway my way to 13.1
Best running advice: The suggestion to switch to the Galloway method was probably the best advice for me for where I’m at right now with my knee.  That along with sticking to running on dirt and avoiding hills.  I'm trying to find the sweet spot that is gentle for my knee, but still allows me to stay active!

Six word summary: Mixed things up and had fun!


  1. What a great post idea. You were busy!!!

    I love those giraffe's's!

  2. Ha, ha - I've run with Olympians, too - one of the unique perks about our sport!

  3. Those giraffes are so cute!

    And i love your six words :)

  4. You've had a great year! That's an impressive list of events.

  5. Looks like a well rounded and fulfilling year! Love the giraffes!

  6. Congratulations on such a great year! You have run in some really varied races - I like that :)

  7. LOVE those giraffes. How unusual for a race.

  8. You had a GREAT year! Glad you are finding a method that works for your knee...that's such a tough spot to be in. Love those giraffes!

  9. Really a great year, well done! You had fun and that is the most important. I love this post!

  10. Wow - you had a great year! It is not easy to figure out how to deal with an injury and still be active.

  11. You had a good year of racing! I like the Kenyan race you did, especially since I visited Kenya a few years ago and they can need any help they can get. I sometimes wish people would realize how good things are in the US in general.

  12. those giraffes are too cute! that's some good race swag. congrats on an active 2013, especially all things considered!