Friday, December 13, 2013

Injection #1

Yesterday afternoon was my appointment at Orthopedics for my first of three Euflexxa injections.  While it's true that I've had these before, but this is my first time with my new orthopedic (required due to a change in insurance).   For some reason, I got very nervous while I was sitting in the waiting room.

The assistant called me back, checked my blood pressure, and had me sign a consent form for treatment.  Then she laid out the supplies for the orthopedic and had me sit on the table.  All of my nervousness subsided when the Orthopedic came in.  She somehow has a very calming presence about her.  She did a great job, and the injection went about as well as I think it could have.

She suggested that I put heat on it later to help the gel better dissipate within my knee.  And she stayed in the room with my until I could stand with my full weight on my knee and hobble on out.

I did have a chance to ask what she thought about me possibly doing a half marathon in 2014, using the Galloway method.  She said she was a fan of 'keeping moving' and as long at my knee can tolerate it, that sounds like a fine idea (that was music to my ears).  But if the longer distances cause pain, I should stop. And I should be aiming for a finish, not a specific finish time. And she reminded me that it takes at least 6 weeks after the final injection before the treatment takes 'full effect' and that I should refrain from excess activity until that point.  I already knew this, and have no plans to return to running until Feb.

All in all, I feel that injection #1 was a success.


  1. Yay! I hope these injections do the trick and you can pull off that half painfree.

  2. That's's good news about the half. She's given you her blessing.

  3. Great to hear you can give a half marathon a go!

  4. Glad to hear #1 went well...hope you are healed up soon!

  5. Good for you. I hope you have found something that works. I have a hard time pulling back on the running even when I'm injured. It's been a year w/proximal hamstring strain - but Dr Metzl's (Runner's world) exercises have really helped!

  6. Good news. Now you know that the first step is that you can run a half marathon.
    The second will be ... a faster half marathon.
    I am very glad.
    Good luck!

  7. First off - OUCH!

    Secondly - Meeting a new anyone who is going to give you an injection is going to be induce nervousness - I'm glad she turned out nice!!

    Thirdly - Sounds positive on the keep moving front...

    One down two to go - next time you will be over half way :)

  8. Sounds like you are realistic and have a good plan. Good luck.