Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan Totals

  • 64.7 miles by feet (47.2 miles running, 17.5 miles walking)
  • 28 yoga sessions (or roughly 21 hours of yoga)
  • 4 trips up the hill
  • 12 days on antibiotics
  • Man, that was lot of yoga. The yoga numbers will drop as I switch my focus to half-marathon training, but I should keep at it even at a reduced frequency.
  • Half marathon training got off to a good start. Actually, since I changed my target race, I guess it got off to an early start (by two weeks). That just means I can get a few more long runs in before the race.
  • Being sick sucks, but I'm thankful that it really didn't slow me down too much.
Plans for Feb
  • Yoga 3x per week
  • Sweetheart 5K Run
  • Continue half-marathon training


  1. That is a lot of yoga! Good for you!

  2. Awesome job on doing so much yoga!

  3. Great month chica! What did you think about all that yoga? Do you feel like it helped with your running?

  4. I am impressed by all the yoga!