Thursday, September 25, 2008

One of these things is not like the others...

My scoot parked with the big bikes at work.

A month ago, most of the spaces were filled. I'm seeing more and more empty spaces as it's getting cooler in the mornings. It will be interesting to see who's still there in another month.

I get questions almost every time I ride it. And some puzzled looks when someone sees me walking to the scoot with three bags of groceries and a purse. Hehehehe.

* gas milease? approximately 90 mpg
* gas tank size? I think it holds 1.3 gallons max
* engine size? 125cc - requires a motorcycle endorsement
* top speed? approximately 65 mph. My commute tops out at 35 mph so it's plenty fast for me, but you'd need something with a bigger engine if you wanted to take it on the highway.
* how to get endorsement? must pass written test for 6 mo learning permit. must pass driving skills test for full endorsement. MSF class is an option that includes driving skills, but isn't required for adult riders.
* storage space? lots. I brought home 48 cans of catfood in the underseat storage the other day and had room for more. I carry a bungee net for big items plus I usually have the canvas top case attached.
* why do you wear so much protective gear? i love my family too much not to.
* what's up with the plaid seat cover? keeps it cool after sitting out in the sun all day. should be warmer in the fall as well. plus I love how it makes my scoot really stand out from the big bikes.


  1. Awesome pic! I love it!

    Keep rocking the scooter!

  2. love your scooter!!

    This is how I feel when I have my road bike racked in transition next to other people's tiny tri bikes...except opposite. Mine bike looks huge!!

  3. Before long, we'll all be driving them. Here's to hoping plaid comes back "in". I look at those pictures of 7 year old me wistfully...

  4. Very good picture. I want a scooter, but I haven't made the leap yet. I only work 3 miles from home and I drive a gas-sipping civic. Maybe next Spring.

  5. Scooters are cool.
    Yours is the cutest ever.
    Keep on buzz'n.

  6. 48 cans of ... oh cat food and there was me about to be impressed that it was beer! LOL!!

    Great picture, love it!

  7. That is the COOLEST thing ever! Fingers crossed for your half-mara to come together. You have the base - just need that pesky knee to cooperate

  8. Great way to stand up and be counted as being different....way to go...

  9. Awesome scooter!!! Very cool!!


  10. awesome little scooter with the plaid cover for the bum.....

    gotta get me a scoot.

  11. Love the scooter - we just got one, only it is a 50 power one... so I can get it up to 45 mph and that is it, we are having a blast riding it around.


  12. Ahhh soo cute.. I actually did not know do scooters could go that fast..

  13. Sounds like you're having a good time with it. It's cute.

  14. Nice.. not to mention how much fun those things are!

  15. I LOVE the plaid!! And can you tell me the online store you like for running skirts again? thanks. :)

  16. Absolutely love it. It's so "Italian chic"! You just need to wear a white head scarf. :-)

    You've got one hungry little cat!

  17. How many cats do you have? That's a lot of cat food. was it on sale?

    Fun pic. My girlfriend and I took a similiar picture when we were heading into a hotel with our bicycles. We put them between some Harley's and snapped a shot. It's a fun one.

    Very cute!! Thanks for sharing.