Saturday, September 27, 2008

Easing back in...

My running this week has been as follows:

Tue - 3.6 mi (run/walk)
Thu - 3.2 mi (easy run)
Fri - 1.5 mi (easy run)
Sat - 4.6 mi (easy run)

That's a total of 13.9 slow easy miles, way better than the zeros I've been logging most of the month. Best news is that I'm experiencing pain-free running for the first time all month. I'm feeling some tightness, but not pain. I'm being super cautious about easing back into it, not wanting to take any chances of pushing too far too fast.

In some ways this injury has been a blessing. I've always maintained that I run simply because I can. It's something that I was beginning to take for granted in my quest for more speed. But now I'm back to appreciating each and every pain-free step at any pace. Life is good.

I have one more experiment tomorrow. After that, I'll see what can be salvaged of the half-marathon training.

Have a good weekend folks!


  1. Yay for pain free running! HOpe that continues for you.

  2. pain! I hope it stays that way!

  3. Hey that's more than I have done in the past 3 weeks! hehehe! Nice work!

  4. You've obviously done what's best for your body. Hope you continue to be pain free. Good luck with the training.

  5. That is huge progress and great news. :)

  6. no pain is good...just keep building on all the positive stuff

  7. Injury always makes you appreciate running -- any kind of running -- so it's own way it forces us to step back and realize how important running is to us. So, yay to the return of the running, no matter the pace!

  8. That sounds like excellent progress!! That's awesome!!