Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A few more things

A few more comments about the run on Sunday, mostly because I have a few photos to share.

I had convinced a friend to do this event with me. She's a new runner and this was her second "5K" ever. She did great and was in good spirits despite the chaos. I believe this was her farthest distance ever. She ran the whole way and had fun. I think she's hooked. Woot!

Also, I had chosen this particular event because it was for Deaf and Hard of Hearing awareness, something that is near and dear to a friend of mine. She was volunteering at the event and picked up my AG award.

Okay, enough about that. Today is running group day. I can't adaquately express how giddy I am to be back on my feet.

It's also the last day of the month. Yikes. Tomorrow I'll calculate my September totals. It's not going to be a pretty sight.


  1. We should have a competition to see how many peeps we can influence with our evil ways :-)

    That's a great cause to run for!! Have a good time with the group tonight!!!

  2. Way to convince your friend to run this - I bet she is very happy about that. A friend convinced me to do my first race, and now I love it so much!!

    Um...excuse me...I don't remember you mentioning an AG award?? Details!! WTG girl :-D

  3. Oh, never mind, I just noticed your "edit" from the earlier post about WINNING your AG!

  4. Nice job helping a friend and newbie racer complete her second 5k. We welcome her to the "club". Great pic too. Don't sweat the monthly digits (be a proud and fearless Type B).

  5. That's one nice looking medal ;-)

  6. Way to have a friend to run w/ u...

    i ran with a friend last Sun. It was her first race ever. A great time :) I love this sport..u get to enjoy it wiht others as well..

  7. cool medal!!!!!!!!

    love the cause!!!!

  8. Points to you for brining in another innocent soul to the crazy way of life, called running.

    Sounds like a crazy race course, but glad you held up! Yay for mission return to half marathon training!!!!!

  9. Great pics and yee haw to bringing in another runner to the club :-)
    I love that medal. What a great even. My best friend is an interperter. She would love this..

  10. Sounds like a great cause to run for! Nice job!