Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's on my Mind

I've found that Zyrtec is superior to Claritin with regards to the ability to halt allergy symptoms. However, it also halts me....very drowsy and "out of it". May try taking it before bed to see if it still works the next morning without the Zombie Lisa effect.

When I said I was treating the Sprint this weekend like a glorified brick, I wasn't kidding. At this point I have basically ZERO planning done and just this morning finally decided that we're driving down Sat morning vs. staying in a hotel Friday night. Geez. It might behoove me to figure out what I'm wearing, taking, etc sometime before Friday night, ya think?

The houseguests have departed. It was great seeing them, but I now need therapy more than ever before. I'm just sayin'

Running group got rained out this evening. Actually, it was called due to lightning. I am sooooo bummed. I was looking forward to it all day.

After searching for months, finally settled on new dinnerware and bought it today at lunchtime. Our old stuff is highly chipped/damaged. The new stuff is being washed and the old stuff is getting packed away for donation. I'm very happy about that.

Cycled to work today and for the first time kept it in the middle ring up front (vs. granny gear) and I think it was easier to control the bike that way. Of course I was only going about 4.5 mph up the hill, but that's another issue...

Blood tests came back normal (wrt PVCs). I have a followup appt in Sep to finallize next steps, but I think the recommendation for now is "keep on keepin' on" - no meds, no cardiologist. That's good news.

Remember when the chain broke that I wear my cross on? Well I put it on a cheap chain. That broke. Got the original chain and the bale repaired. The chain broke again in another spot. I told the people at the jewelry store that I needed a new chain that was thin enough not to overpower the cross, but heavy enough to suffer abuse 24x7 because I don't take it off and I put it though a lot of stuff. They suggested a wheat chain. It's awesome.

Having second thoughts about the triathlons in September. My heart just doesn't seem to be into the multisport stuff this season. I resent not being able to run as much as my HM training plan calls for because I need to get in my swim and cycling workouts. In the past, I've found triathlon to be addictive. Finish one and can't wait to do the next. Will I feel that way after this weekend? I hope so. If not, I seriously need to reconsider my plans.

Went to the new Aquatic Center on Friday. Water is a bit chillier than the pool I usually swim in but there were lanes-a-plenty and the water is crystal clear.

School registration is this week. I now officially have two in high school. It's gonna' be a loooooong year.


  1. You will look fabulous whatever you wear! Have fun - and if the tri-mojo doesn't come back - so what? You have 40 more years to do triathlons!
    So glad to hear your heart is ok, such a relief.
    Good luck with the tandem high-schoolers!

  2. I'm so glad your heart results came back with a good outcome, that's such a relief I'm sure :-)
    You'll make it through the sprint, just thinking of it like a supported training session helps keep things calmer. Hang in there with tri motivation. It'll always be there when you're ready. Is it all 3 sports that are dragging you, or are you just feeling down about, e.g. the run portion? Maybe focus on the sport(s) that you do have motivation for? Maybe like a focused break from the others?

  3. Lots of stuff going on! I think the thing I can relate to most is your not feeling the triathlon bug this year. I certainly felt that way at the beginning of the season, and consequently really haven't done any yet, trying to train for Steelhead and then that went caput. BUT--what I found once my training actually started looking like the race coould be a possibility was that I actually enjoyed the bike/run training. All my running issues disappeared; I felt fresher after a bike/run than just a run; and the running could actually be scaled back some with good results. You will have to decide after this weekend how you feel, but I'm betting your thoughts will change. Good luck!

  4. That's lots on your mind! For the training, I'd say go with what you enjoy. This is the fun stuff in life- certainly you shouldn't be doing triathlons if you want to run more. Good luck in your race, though, hope you enjoy it. Two in high school, huh? Good luck with that as well.

  5. Wow, busy , busy you are! Glad to hear about the blood tests :-) But LMAO about the houseguests. I know what you mean ;-)

    You're so wise, you're right. It was a no brainer ;D

  6. Wow you are definitely busy. Have fun with the tri and if afterwards you still want to focus more on the running than go for it! gotta do what makes you happy at the moment!

  7. That's one of the nice things about what we do. The only pressure is what we heap on ourselves :-)

    Great news from the doc!!

  8. Don't worry about the tri 'mojo'...just live for today and do what you want to do today. Sounds cheesy but it works. :)

    P.S. Great new about the results coming back neg

  9. Phew, that was a busy post. Allergies SUCK. I have yet to find a good solution for my allergies. Let me know when you do. Yay on your blood test.

  10. Hey-there will be lots of us there this weekend with less than enthusiastic tri-energy. hang in there!

  11. First off...so happy the doctor news was good!!

    Second, I'm with ya on the less than enthusiastic feeling about the sprint tri this weekend. I've actually been trying to come up with excuses NOT to do it (wimp). I'm liking the longer tri's so much more, and the longer running races. I've already been thinking about how fun it will be focusing on running this winter and reading books about marathon training.

    Maybe when we get going, the race will be fun :)

  12. Glad the bloodwork is ok. Hopefully this weekends race will help you get your mojo back.

  13. Happy Dance about your Dr.'s news...that's great!

    Well, you've passed the tri bug to me, so I'll keep it safe and sound until you're ready for it back!

    You have so many things on the go, maybe a little down time is a good thing.

    Take great care of yourself.

  14. Two in high school? Yikes!!

    I take Zyrtec and I take it at night. I find that even taking it an hour before bedtime is better, especially on days I have to get up early. If I take it at 11 and have to get up at 5 I will still be super drowsy. That stuff works miracles for my allergies but dang it WIPES you out!!

  15. I hope you get the tri-fire after this event. Keep us posted!! And yay on the good heart check. Keep that ticker strong!!

  16. I was just thinking the other day of switching from Claritin to Syrtec, so thanks for the heads up on the "zombie" effect!

    And all houseguests can make a person want to jab their eyes out.

  17. You are busy as a bee! Glad to hear the test results were fine, and you survived the house guests. If you're not really into the tri right now, it's perfectly ok. You can always come back to it later.

  18. YAY on the good news from the doc!! Tri? Well, i'm just a runner so for me, its a no brainer on what i would want to do. I need to get into doing some races i think!! I need to set goals with my running.

    I think your doing so great! Don't get bummed but keep on going and doing what you love!!!

  19. nice that you gave away the old dinnerware!!!

    just hammer the sprint...race fast but smart and you will do very well

  20. thats just great!!!! about the bloodwork

  21. "Of course I was only going about 4.5 mph up the hill, but that's another issue..." hey... at least you were still moving! Those hills can be a real pain in the ars! Nice work!

  22. Hey, if you're going to take an antihistamine before bed, why not try Benedryl? It's unsurpassed and cheap, and after about 3 days, the drowsy side effect lessens.