Friday, August 1, 2008

July Tally

The Numbers
- Swam 7300yds
- Cycled 178.6 miles
- Ran 41.1 miles
- Went to the gym 12 times for strength work (upper body weights, core, pushups, etc)
- Races - one 5K
- Other: Passed MSF class! Joined a running group! Conquered an OWS!

Big smile. I'm really pleased with progress in July. I couldn't run until July 10 due to the leg issue, that's all healed now. YAY. My training was fairly balanced for once. I'm happy about all the strength training at the gym. Gotta be happy about the surprise AG award at the 5K. I've started doing speed work with my running group. Got in one OWS which ended much better than it started. All in all, a good month.

Aug Plans
Sprint Tri this coming Saturday (not tomorrow). Otherwise, focus focus focus on the Half Mary and Oly tri in Sept, those are my A races. There's another sprint tri in Sep as well, but I'm treating both sprints as glorified brick workouts.


  1. Those are really solid numbers! Nice job!

  2. Glorified bricks . . . I love it!!

    Balanced training is the best. You are going to be so prepared for your fall races!!

  3. Good job, if you only got to start runniing Jully 10th, then that is amazing. And an AG award, go gettem girlie!!1

    Sounds like you have good goals for August, working with your personal trainer will be awesome.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Considering all the downtime due to the leg injury, those are some great numbers

  5. Ahhhhhh what a most excellent month Lisa!! WHOOT! And CONGRATS on passing. I knew you would!! ;D

  6. Those are really great numbers! Good job.

  7. Great numbers...way to rock July!

  8. that is so satisfying! What a great month to look back on. Good on you!!
    Have fun with your guests - I love your daughter's description of the house, I might borrow it LOL

  9. Wow Lisa, you did great in July and its only going to get better!! I'm very proud of you girlie!!!

    Wish we could run together, that would be a hoot!

  10. Your "other" section is amazing! Hope you enjoyed the visitors.

  11. Wow, very nice! I'm impressed at the July stats :-) And as Stef said, very balanced!

  12. you were rocking in july.....way to go.......

    you mixed it up nicely too

  13. Great numbers for July!!

    The sprint race next weekend is not an A race for me either...I like your idea of thinking of it as a glorified brick :)