Saturday, March 24, 2012

Winter Excess

Over the winter, I was busy packing on some pounds.  You know, just in case we got snowed in or something and I needed to live off my own body weight for some extended period of time.

Now that I'm running again, it's time to shed the excess. Because let's be honest, nobody wants to carry around an extra 10lbs while running.  Especially when running hills.  It's simply too much work.

Boy howdy, it's so much easier to put it on than take it of!.  But I think I'm finally making some progress.  Over the winter I was routinely seeing numbers in the 130-135 range when I stepped on the scale. Lately, I've been consistently seeing numbers in the 125-130 range.  I'll be at my desired race weight when I find myself settling in the 125-130 range.

How about you?   Are you also trying to shed the winter excess?  


  1. Always! I have done fairly well actually. I just need to keep it up and lose a bit more and def. not gain it back.

  2. Yes. Packing the pounds on is definitely easier than taking it off.
    I had great big plans to shed my winter poundage, but.. but ... but ...

    Good luck! I think you are on the right track. Seeing the scale go the other way is definitely great motivation to keep doing it until you reach your goal.