Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Running while on Work Travel

I'm happy to report that my running clothes are doing more than just taking up space in my luggage.  So far, I have managed to get out both on Monday and Tuesday in the early morning  before work for some running.  
This trail ends up going down by a lake.

On Monday, I went exploring in a few different directions.  Found a paved multi-use trail, a dirt trail, and a hill that would be suitable for repeats.  It was sort of a an ADD run, because I did a little bit of each. 

Tuesday morning, I met a colleague and we decided to take the trail.  It ended up going down by a lake, which was very pretty with the lights reflecting off of it in the early morning hours.  The dirt path eventually ends and merges back with the multi-use trail.

This morning we were actually going to meet again, but she's getting a sore throat and wanted to postpone for a day.  I thought briefly about going out on my own this morning, but decided to take a rest day instead; don't want to overdo it with my knee.

It's worth mentioning that I notice a huge difference in level of effort required while running at a lower altitude (remember, I live about a mile above sea level).  I didn't bring my garmin, so I'm not sure if the extra oxygen is materializing to faster running, but definitely makes it easier; I feel like superwoman, running up those hills without gasping for breath!  One of these days I really need to run a race down at lower altitude and see what I'm truly capable of pulling off.

One last note:  The internet in the hotel is slow and the work days have been long, so I'm having trouble catching up with your blogs this week.  Sorry about that!


  1. You need to come to flat, fast, oxygen-rich Chicago. You'd rip it up here...just saying.

  2. Running while on work travel is always a wonderful adventure: a mix of tourism and training.
    A day off is a wise choose, take care with the knee.

  3. That's the kenyan effect - running is easier at a lower altitude. I love exploring new trails and cities. Well done!

  4. Glad you've been able to get out and run while traveling and working!

  5. You should definitely enter a race closer to sea level! I bet you could fly. Enjoy!

  6. Glad you're getting some running in. Must feel great.

  7. Good for you! It's been a real struggle for me to run this past week while being away for work. Between sitting on training all day and social events in the evening it's hard! I am getting ready to head out for one now, though!

  8. good for you for getting it done! I'm not sure what altitude I run at. I just know its HUMID when I run in Panama City Beach.