Sunday, March 11, 2012

While I was travelling this week

...I realized that my drivers license was about to expire.  It was a good catch, actually.  I probably wouldn't have noticed until being denied something due to it being long past renewal date.

...I ran three times on that trail that I posted about.  I don't normally run three times during the workweek (and then again on the weekend), but last week I did.  MAybe it was the extra oxygen.

...My daughter left for Haiti.  I was super bummed to be gone the entire week leading up to her departure, but seems everything went okay.  I pray she has a wonderful experience and that the whole group can really make a positive impact for some of the people of that impoverished country.  

...I struggled to get good shots for the 365 project that I'm working on.  Have I mentioned about this?  I'm part of a group that is taking and posting a photo a day for a year, something that I've learned is not so easy while away with a tight schedule while on work travel.  Kind of like running, some days are better than others. Oh, and now I'm lusting for a new camera.
...My husband spent a lot of time on his bike(s).  Came home to find his road bike on the trainer in our bedroom, which is a good thing.  What is interesting is that while he was having some problem with his front tire, he decided that it would be easier to temporarily replace the entire wheel with the one on my Giant rather than figure out why the tire was flatting.  Clever solution.

...I had a hard time trying to catch up on blogs.  The internet connection at the hotel was slow and poor and the work days were long.  I'll try to catch up this week.  I mean it.

...My wonderful husband decided to greet me at the airport with a bouquet of beautiful & colorful flowers.  It's great to be back home.  :-) 



  1. Hope your daughter's trip goes well!

    Pretty flowers!

    I think I would like that photo challenge. I have seen some month ones around too.

  2. I hope all goes well for your daughter. This will definitely be a life changing experience!

    LOVE the flowers! You are a lucky woman!

  3. Nice running last week!

    Gorgeous flowers. Good job hubby!

    I hope your daughter has a great experience.

  4. Awww a greeting at the airport complete with flowers is so sweet! Very pretty!

  5. How nice of your husband to meet you at the airport with flowers! So sweet!

  6. that's why I'm glad Dee Dee's tri bike has 650s on it. She's a midget you know ;-)

  7. Safe travels to your daughter (and to you if you're travelling again). Good job on the trail runs, and yay for flowers!

  8. I'm certain that the group your daughter is working with will make a huge impact, whatever they do it will help the unfortunate people of Haiti.

    Beautiful flowers, so bright and cheery.