Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where do YOU draw the line?

Everybody draws the line somewhere. It's just a matter of where.

Let me back up.

This morning I checked the weather forcast and it was predicted to be ~54 deg, winds 25-30mph with gusts up to 40mph at run group time. I immediately thought. "I'm not running in that"

And I'm okay with that.

Because everyone draws the line somewhere. I've run when it was 11 deg outside. I've decided that 15deg is my lower threshold. One line is drawn there.

I've run in light snow. I've run in heavy snow. I've run in sleet (ouch!). I've drawn a line at sleet. And any time the roads are icy. Or when visibility is low.

I've run in heat. I've run in humidity. I've run in hot sun. I don't like it, but I haven't drawn the line there yet.

I've run on wet pavement. I've run in light rain. I've run in moderate rain. I draw the line at heavy rain or deep puddles. Oh, and I've drawn the line at thunderstorms too.

I've run in the early morning. I've run in the afternoon. I've run in the early evening. It's all good as long as the sun is up. I draw the line at darkness.

I've run in sand. I've run hills. I've run at the track. I think this year, I'm drawing another line at the track. My knee doesn't seem to like all the turning.

And that brings me to today. I've run in light wind. I've run in moderate wind. I've run in heavy wind. And I'm not exactly sure where the line is, but it's well below 20-25 mph with 40mph gusts.

So where do YOU draw the line?


  1. You've drawn some reasonable lines. That wind would have been brutal. Good call!

    I haven't officially drawn any lines and I can only think of one skipped run due to weather, and that was a tornado warning! We never get tornadoes around here, but one touched down nearby last summer.

  2. Nothing wrong with drawing lines. It's not about being out there everyday no matter what the conditions. It's about feeling good with what you've done, and enjoying being out there.

  3. Um yeah- I draw the line a LOT sooner than you so I think your lines are pretty reasonable, yikes!

  4. My lines are
    cold: 0
    warm: hmmm haven't drawn a line yet
    rain: heavy
    wind: 20 mph sounds reasonable, unless it's at my back ;)
    snow ok
    deep slush no
    heavy traffic no
    there's always the treadmill right?

  5. I don't do dark. I don't do dodgy streets/neighborhood. I probably won't do heavy rain, puddles, and thunderstorm and hails. And definitely not when there is a tornado.
    No line drawn for winds or temperature yet.

  6. Great post, I used to go out no matter what, but now that I bike and swim, if its crappy outside, I swim, nice I run or bike. I think it helps me stay active and safe.

  7. That is good food for thought. My line was drawn tonight because it was pouring rain. Although I have a little guilt because I saw a lot of other runners out there.

  8. I draw lines, erase them, redraw them, open them for interpretation, start again, do it anyway, realize I shouldn't have, and redraw the line again but this time in ink.

    Maybe I should draw a line somewhere in this comment.



  9. Wet AND cold. I refuse to run in the rain in winter. I'll put up with a lot of weather stuff, but cold and wet just spells misery.

  10. Great post, Lisa. :-) I draw the line when coughing, sneezing and running a temperature. :-)

  11. This is a super good post and lots to think about. I've totally drawn the line at cold and rainy. Blech.

  12. It depends on my mood, I have trained in harsh conditions and I also have said, "well, the dreadmill or trainer is going to have to do today" I will admit, I dont train in snow. Wont do it.

  13. Food for thought :)

    Lines need to be drawn so we can live to fight another day. There is such a thing as the law of diminishing returns. :P

  14. I draw the line at 40 degrees. I do not like running in the extreme cold. I know...I'm a wimp, but my lungs do not respond well to the cold temps and I always end up getting sick. I don't blame you for not running in that wind.

  15. I totally agree with your lines! Wind is just not fun. I think like once in a long while (like once every few years) you should jog a mile in it just to realize why you DON'T run in it. But... yeah I agree with your lines.

    My lines are <40 degree F, >90 degree F, winds over 9mph, cold rain, yeah.... I'm sure there are more.

  16. I'll let you know when I become smart enough to draw a line. Until then, I'll pretty much running in anything. :-)

  17. My line is flippant! based on how I am that day, mentally, and physically. It keeps with my personal motto... It's all good :-)

  18. Hi Lisa,
    What a great question!! So far, I really have not had to draw the line:) The weather varies so much here that we basically run in it all:) It was fun to read all of the other comments! Have a great day!

  19. It's a matter of what you're used to. I draw the line at the heat you have to run in, but the wind gusts of 40mph are de rigeuer around here :D

    I hear you about drawing the line at the track. I hate the track. With a passion.

  20. I'm not going to run in cold, rainy, windy conditions. I'll do ONE but not all three together. ;)

  21. You have to determine what works for you, and we have all opted out of runs because of our version of "inclement" weather. Strong wind is definitely up there amongst the worst element to run in!

  22. I won't run in the dark by myself and I won't run in a thunderstorm, but I've now done two marathons in torrential downpours with lots of puddles, so heavy rain no longer scares me. Wind won't stop me either unless it's cold AND windy.

    Heat? Well, that's a different matter entirely LOL. I'd like to draw the line at 75 degrees, but then I'd spend all summer on my treadmill and that would suck, so I guess I draw it somewhere in the high 80s.

  23. When training for my two half irons, I never felt like I could draw any lines unless I got sick which I never did.

    Now I seem to draw way too many lines so that they interfere with me training consistently. Currently busting through those so I can get back to feeling great mentally, physically, and so my business will continue to grow.

    Great question and feedback here in the comments!

  24. i haven't drawn any lines... maybe just some dashed ones? i've skipped runs on days with downright awful weather, and i've skipped 'em on days that are gorgeous. i have issues :)

    your lines are def reasonable though! the wind - brutal!

  25. Great post, Lisa. :-) I draw the line when coughing, sneezing and running a temperature. :-)
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  26. Nothing much ever made me draw the line--in the past. Now where I draw the line is slippery sidewalks or streets or so much snow you would need snow shoes. I think as you continue to run, you eventually reach the conclusion that its really not necessary for your fitness to put yourself in danger or make it a lot harder than it needs to be.