Saturday, April 7, 2007

One of those days

Ever have one of those days when things just don't go according to plan??? Well today was one for me.

My plan was a 2-2.5mile bike ride while Husband and Daughter were reffing back-to-back soccer games. Afternoon was dedicated to more painting of Daughter's room. Cycling is my weak link, so it was important to me to make this long ride happen. And, yesterday the high was something like 76deg. I was expecting nice weather for a ride.

When I left the house, however, it was 38deg and cloudy skies. No problem, I just dressed warmer. I was hoping to get in 35miles today and I was planning out how to do it. I filled up my new camelback and added some air to my tires and was on my way.

About 3 miles out, it started to snow. Yes, you read that right, SNOW.

At first it wasn't snowing too hard, so I figured I'd keep going, but I changed my planned route to be three loops of 12miles each, staying close to home just in case...

It started snowing harder. I realized there were no other cyclists out on the road. I really didn't want to turn and go back in yet, but I started second guessing my sanity out there.

Then the snow turned to sleet. Ouch! Sleet actually hurts when it hits your face. After a few ice cubes in the eye balls, I decided enough was enough and headed home.

After reading a few blogs and checking email and generally sulking and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to get up off my rear and put the bike on the trainer. That lasted about 20min until I was just too bored with it. After being on the road, I just couldn't get exited about a ride on the trainer.

More blog reading, more email, more feeling sorry for myself. Bandit was bugging me because he wanted to play, so I changed to running clothes, got the hands-free leash and took him out on a short 2mile run 'up the hill' and back.

On my way back, I saw Husband and Daughter returning from soccer, so I headed home for good. I knew she was looking forward to working on painting her room.

So we've painted, I need to head out to the store, and it's dinner time already. Sigh.

By the numbers:

Planned: 2.0-2.5 mile bike ride hoping for 35miles
Actual: 40min bike ride (9.5miles), 20mins indoor cycling, 2mile jog with dog, + 'bonus' 1.5 hrs painting walls


  1. I am not an expert on cycling, but I am pretty sure it's not quite as safe and sane riding in snow and sleet. Running in snow is one thing, but cycling is a little bit tricky. Sorry the day didn't work out as planned.

  2. These couple of days have been a wintery blast everywhere.

    They showed a cycling pro race on TV. It was snowing in Virgina there. But they get paid to be out there..

    So better to be safe, you will get it another day. There is always another day..

  3. Think about the bright side...Bandit is happy. I have 2 Labs and I don't have the stamina yet to get all the energy out of them. They end up at the dog park but I'd much rather them be with me. At least you got out there in 38 degree weather. Sorry, I'd be at the gym or under the covers in bed. Gloomy weather = lazy TriVortex.

  4. Wow! Way to be creative and get out there anyway! Sounds like a smashing plan B to me!

  5. BTW, love the music stream you've got going. Great song!

  6. I can empathize with you over being frustrated at not getting your ride in! But, riding in the sleet and snow is not a good idea. Very wise to come inside.

    We are off for Spring Break here, so no soccer this weekend! Chin up! You can work out those frustrations on your next training day :-)

  7. The weather is sucky. Doesn't mother nature know we're in training??? Good job getting out of the weather before anything happened to get injured/

  8. I think you did okay, all things considered. This cold weather has to give it up soon, don't you think??