Sunday, April 15, 2007

Living up to the moniker

First off, thank you all very much for comments to my last post. I really appreciate each and every one of you for taking time to give me the encouragement that I was needing!!

I've internalized everything and decided that I'd rather be last than not finish at all. I'd even rather start and have to give up than give up without trying. So my races are on in May, including the Oly that I am feeling particularly ill-prepared for.

Friday's goal: Rest. I've been having some pain in my left hamstring, and I wanted to rest and let it heal.

Saturday's goal: Bike 25miles, average speed 15+mph. I made the distance, but not so good with the speed, a disappointing 14.3mph. I attempted three hills which basically kicked my rear; you can figure out where they were by looking at the splits graph. So what am I planning to do about it?!? Go back next weekend and try again!! Those hills haven't seen the last of me yet!!

Today's goal: Run 8 miles, 11min/mi. Once again, I made the distance, not so good with the pace. Average ended up being 11:49min/mi. My average was at my goal pace at the turn point at mile 4, but was getting slower and slower each mile, so the overall average ended up being 11:49min/mi. It's okay, I knew it was a stretch to hit 11min/mi for a full 8 miles, but I wanted to give it a shot.

I may continue to live up to my Slow and Steady moniker, but it really isn't all bad. Remember:

"Slow and Steady went on and on and never ever quit until getting to the finish line. All the animals who were watching cheered loudly for Tortoise."


  1. Great job on the training run and ride. Glad you are pushing on with your races...

    I know you will do great.

    Sometimes finishing is what matters most..

    "pain is temporary ~ regret last forever"

  2. That's pretty amazing (the graph results), and I think 14.3 is pretty damn good!! For me, the run is the hardest part, but we will keep working hard to make ourselves better.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I am NOT fast on the bike at all either. I read your post and was all, "Damn! 15mph on the bike! That's awesome!" :) So consider me a jealous slowster.

    Way to stick with it. Glad you reevaluated your goals and sounds like you and I are in the same place right now- ready to go.

  4. That's a great attitude. You'll do fine. Remember what the penguin, "The amazing part is not that I finished, but that I had the courage to start" :)

  5. I think your workouts look quite successful, you did them, you gave it your best and those hills inspired you to return- not give up. That's success, not numbers.

    Glad you're happy with your decision about the races, you'll be successful no matter what the time because you'll be there, giving it your best.

  6. Lisa-
    I just went through this whole thing myself. There is nothing wrong with aadapting goals as the year goes along. The most important thing is that you are out there. "Slow and Steaady wins the race" Everytime you walk out that door-you are a winner. Keep it up and relax.

  7. I think along the same lines. Slow and steady gets you there.

  8. That's it; don't you quit! Count me among the cheering animals. :)

  9. I am like you with reaching my goals...some days I think I just my goals are to out of reach for the level I am at. But I think it really all comes down to the mind games. I definitely have to work on the mental part of triathlons and especially running. WE CAN DO IT, LISA!!!

  10. I've found that doing the same hills on the bike definitely makes them easier over time!

  11. I did a tri that had 1044 people in it and I came 1038th, so I can tell you that the back of the pack isn't so bad :) Keep sticking your workouts and you won't know yourself. Give yourself some stars too, they make it more fun :)