Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mind Games

I composed the following 2007 Fitness Goals on 18Dec2006. I really needed to revisit them today. I've been second guessing my preparedness for upcoming races in May and was considering cancelling because my performance isn't going to be 'up to par'. Looking at my goals, the races in May are NOT part of my 'go faster' goal. If I complete them, I make strides toward my goals; if I cancel because of my lack of speed, I don't. Seems simple, so why is it messing with my mind?!?!

I know most of you are competitive, but if you have any favorite quotes or words of encouragement to help me recapture the 'finish and have fun' spirit that I had when I wrote these down, please share!

Go Farther!

1. complete 10K race

2. complete Olympic triathlon

3. complete half marathon

Go Faster!

1. under 27:35 min stand-alone 5K – just under 9min mi/hr

2. under 01:30:00 at Socorro Chile Harvest Tri

Have fun!

1. Do 3 races of any sort just for kicks - not as stepping stones to farther or faster

2. No races because I feel “I have to” – only because “I want to”

3. Rockin’ race photos :)


  1. I always keep these mottos with me.

    "impossible is nothing"

    Tem Hoyt: "You Can"

    "Life is short, but it is long enough" ~ Steve Runner

    Whatever you decide, luv what you do and do what you luv..

  2. I think your goals are spot on! If you aren't racing for you, who are you racing for? And that means, first and foremost, that

    2. No races because I feel “I have to” – only because “I want to”

    Having fun, working yourself into better shape. Yea, its all good.

  3. I'm not sure if I have any real inspiration other than to say race because you want to. See what you can do, since without a starting point you don't know where you want to or are able go.

  4. I love your goal of doing races for fun. VERY important.

    I would say the #1 thing that has stuck with me as far as quotes/advice goes:

    Remember to just give the races your all. Not for any time, but to give the course the respect it deserves. Pull hard on every stroke of the swim, pedal every turn of the bike with heart, and run every step of the run with all you can.

    Go Lisa!

  5. "The only real failure is failure of character."

  6. I like to think that every race is a new experience (even when you do the same one twice). And you want to cross the line with a smile on your face.

  7. Hey - go for it - you'll regret it if you wimp out. Had the same "ek" moments myself this week about my planned races so it must be something in the air or the way the stars are lined up or something. Anyhow here's a couple of my favorites;

    "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

    "Live for today, don't worry about tomorrow as tomorrow always takes care of itself"

    oh yeah and you know you gotta do these things whilst we can, we can all be hit by something that will prevent us having a choice. So whilst you have a choice, choose the right thing. Be active, be brave, live your dream and enjoy it. :o)

  8. I think you've said it very well yourself, Lisa: "If I complete them, I make strides toward my goals..."

    I always like "I make my own heat," my mantra from last year. I don't know if it recaptures the "finish and have fun spirit," but it sure makes me feel stronger.

    I'm rooting for you!

  9. "We live we love
    We forgive and never give up
    Cuz the days we are given are gifts from above
    Today we remember to live and to love" - Superchick

    "Gotta have Grace under Fire" Layton Howerton - my personal favorite and motto -

    "I am free to run
    I am free to dance
    I am free to live for You
    I am free
    Yes, I am free" - Newsboys

  10. I try not to let my ego get in the way of my joy of racing and running. I had a breakout year in 2005 with a sub 3 hour marathon, a 100 mile finish, and a sub 37 minute 10k.

    If I only ran races when I was up to par I would have had to go raceless since the end of 2005. I have had many disappointing races since then, but there was joy in each one of them as well. The joy that I got out there and despite my physical conditioning I stuck it out and finished and did what I love to do. I focus on the camaraderie when I am not up to par and suck up the feelings that my performance was not as it should have been.

    I love your goals and think that they can feed into each other and balance each other out as well. You'll do great!

    P.S. Hopefully I don't sound boastful, but it's nice to re-live the glory days every once in awhile. Oh when I was fast. It seems so long ago.

  11. Great goals. Good luck. but remember the goals serve you and not the other way around.

    As for motto's, I'm partial to Run Fast, Do Good - but you know that ;-)

  12. You aren't competitive? Neither am I... just there to celebrate that I can still move. The world we live in is so lovely, and the folks that seem to do tris are all so positive, happy and lovely. I bring my camera on most races... except that one time that my ski coach dared me not to and I did my best time!... Not everybody is there to race. If you aren't (and I'm not either), that's fine. We can just be in charge of being beautiful, OK? ;-)
    Hey, someone has to do it....