Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bright spot

Tuesday morning I headed out for a quick 2.5 miles run with Bandit. I was pleasantly surprised with the results after uploading it to SportsTracks and creating this graph.

Why? Well, lately it seems that I have lost the ability to run under a 10min mile, but looking at this graph in half mile increments, I think maybe all is not lost. The second half mile was up a hill. The last .15 mile was slowing to cool down because I had passed the targetted 2.5 mile mark. The rest of the time, I hit <=10min miles....maybe about 9:4o average. Yeah, it isn't FAST and it was a short run, but it was speedier than my normal slow-n-steady 11+min mile pace on mostly flat terrain and I feel like celebrating. Yahooooo. :)

Oh, and for the record, why is it that the half mile down the hill is only slightly faster than my other times but the half mile UP the hill is soooo slow.???? I'm convinced that hills are pure evil.

This morning was swimming. It went okay. 2000M covered overall.

Oh yeah, and I reached a milestone today on the personal front. I watched my 15yr old son get on a charter bus and head off for a 5 day trip to California. He comes home Monday evening. It was one of those monumental "Mom moments", kind of like the first time he hopped on a bus and headed off to Kindergarten for a half day...only this one stings of the reality that he's really growing up too fast. I miss him already.


  1. They do grow up sooo fast! My daughter is in her first year of high school! Arrggghhh! :-) And my "baby" is in 6th grade! (And they both grew boobs! Life is not fair!)

  2. I hate the grow up thing with kids, partly because there is never enough time to watch them explore each age and partly because it's a sign I'm getting older . . . sigh.

    Regarding the running - how much speed work are you doing? Going faster is usually more a function of training at faster paces rather than adding distance (provided you have the endurance for the distance you are aiming for).

  3. What do you use that makes those nice graphs???

    Good job on the running. I know when I break 10min/mile I get so excited I'm like a little kid.

    Kids do grow up way too fast. My daughter turns 30 this year and I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. And Chad's right, there is the whole I'm getting older part of it :)

  4. So that is what I have to look forward to concerning the kiddo. My kid will start Kindergarden this year.. It will be a surreal moment, I'm sure..

    Hey, great job on the run.. One step and one mile at a time..

    And yes, hills are a necessary evil. It will make you a stronger runner.. Keep at it..

  5. My 11 year old just spent the week in Tampa Florida! Woo hoo! 7 more years and I'll be an empty nester ;-) Nothing like running 2.5 miles of uphill at the end of a half marathon to put them suckers into perspective. What I have found is that all of my other training (swimming, cycling) affects my ability to take hills fast. Keep workin it!

  6. To answer the question that Chad asked - I do speedwork once a week, I run 'long' once a week, and there is usually another shorter run in the mix.

  7. Okay this has nothing to do with your post, but I saw something today that totally reminded me of you! This bathing suit might be right up your alley.

    Not to imply that you are slow, but it goes with the theme of your blog. :) I might order this pink elephant one, I think it's really cute.

    Sorry to "spam" your comments. :)

  8. Good running. I had to make myself stop worrying about time and worry about getting there instead! And just like you are on a journey toward triathlon, your son is on his journey of life now too.

  9. Slow Lisa getting fast and steady?

  10. I remember sending my daughter off at that age with a church group to Mexico and then to Europe the next year with her class.
    It's so hard! But it gets easier. I just thank the powers that be over and over when she is home safe and sound and in one piece!
    Great workouts! Keep it up!

  11. Nice run, what are you using to track it? My mom told me that she cried when I went to school for the first time because I was so eager and forgot about her. What is your son doing in California? And what part? Is it a safe place?

  12. Oh, honey - I hope you are doing OK with your son still in California!
    Bobby is going to overnight camp (4 nights) this summer and I already had a bad dream about a bear last night....
    Nice work on the run. You are exactly my pace!

  13. My 15 year old son is doing his first trip this summer. Going to Cancun for 10 days. It will tough to watch him go.

    You rocked that run-- Good job.